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Can my parents set up rewards for me?2017-04-30T22:45:42+00:00


But they still need to use our website. (Sorry, but a cool app upgrade is on its way soon!)

If they haven’t already, they should sign up for a parent account, and log in, and visit the Manage Rewards section.

They can then set up a reward for you, and make sure it is available to you. You should then see it in your app!

Need some great ideas? Although we wrote this post for teachers, you might find some great reading reward ideas here.

I bought a Joke of the Day, but don’t know how to view it.2017-04-30T22:11:33+00:00

Go to Earn Rewards, and then click on Purchased Rewards. Any jokes or riddles you have purchased will appear there, and you can click on the little <i> icon to view it.

I want to use the app, do I need to sign up for a new account?2017-04-30T22:08:57+00:00

No, you can (and should!) continue using the same account you’ve been using on our website.

That way, you’ll have all your history, and if you’ve been using Reading Rewards at school, your teacher will continue to see your reading logs.

I logged reading time, but did not earn any RR miles. Why not?2017-04-30T21:54:01+00:00

This means that your account is set up to require Parental Validation. When you log reading time, your parents will receive an email with a link they can use to validate your reading time. Once they click the link and validate your minutes, you will earn your RR Miles.

The email address can be found on your setting page.

How can you tell if reading time has been validated or not? It will appear with a little checkmark, like this:

Can I edit my name in the Reading Rewards app?2017-03-24T18:37:41+00:00

Yes. You can edit the name by clicking on ‘More’, and then ‘Settings’.

I just signed up for an account, but have not received the activation link. Why?2017-03-24T18:39:22+00:00

Check your spam folder for the activation email. While you’re there, be sure to add to your contacts to ensure you get future emails from us! Not in your spam folder? You may have entered an invalid email account. If so, please sign up again using your correct email address. Finally, some organizations may actually block emails that they suspect being spam. This is particularly true in some schools. Please check with your IT or IS department and ask them to allow emails from! Please note that you CAN still log in and get started on Reading Rewards even if your account has not been activated. However, some functions of the site will only function properly after your account has been activated. We recommend you go ahead and get started with Reading Rewards, while you figure out how to receive our emails and activate your account.

Is there any way to change my user name without deleting my account?2017-03-24T18:39:36+00:00

No, it is not possible to change usernames.

How do I read a book on Reading Rewards?2017-03-24T19:11:21+00:00

There is no actual reading of books via Reading Rewards. We provide an interface to Amazon to make it easier for kids to log their reading time.

They just have to search Amazon for their book title, and it brings in all the information about the book, including a picture of its cover. It makes for a nice, visual view of their virtual bookshelf.

I notice that I sometimes earn a badge. How do I earn more?2017-03-24T19:16:47+00:00

Kids earn badges when they reach important reading milestones such as a specific number of minutes read, books read or books reviewed. They also earn different (random) badges by doing one of these things: 1. Finishing a book, 2. Reviewing a book, 3. Reaching a daily or weekly reading target set by their teacher. You can only earn one of each type per day (maximum 3 badges per day). See if you can complete any of the series!!

I have earned new badges, but I am not sure how. Can you explain?2017-03-24T19:16:30+00:00

If you hover over the badge, text will appear telling you how the badge was earned. You can earn up to 1 per day for reaching a daily reading target set by a parent or group, for finishing a book, or for reviewing a book. You will earn random badges for each of these, see if you can complete a set! You will also earn badges for reaching specific milestones: Minutes Read, Books Finished, Books Reviewed.

What ages is Reading Rewards appropriate for?2017-03-24T18:47:55+00:00

Technically, Reading Rewards can be used by children of all ages, and even adults, who sometimes choose to set an example for their kids. Our typical users generally fall between the ages of 6 and 14.

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