Get Kids Reading

As parents, most of us understand the importance of reading and literacy in determining our children’s future success.

In these days of easy access to computers, televisions and games consoles, there are many things competing for our children’s precious time. Often, the appeal of these activities outweigh that of quiet time spent reading.

Registering your child for the Reading Rewards reading program can help you get your kids reading!

Reward Reading

In addition to our built-in reward mechanisms (RR Miles and Games), you can set up your own Reading Reward programs to get kids reading.

Why not have kids earn TV or game console time by reading? Every time kids read and log it onto Reading Rewards, we will tally things up for them! If they are earning 1 minute TV time for every 2 minutes of reading time, we’ll keep track! No reading time? No TV time! It’s that simple.

You can set up any reward program that works for you and your family and gets kids reading. If a day out with mom is the ultimate reward, or a movie with a friend, set that up! We’ll let you know when they’ve earned it!


Reading Rewards In a Nutshell

Reading Rewards is:

  • A fun way to get kids reading. You’ll get notified when they log reading time, and you’ll have to validate it for their time to count. This helps us avoid situations where kids say they read a lot more than they actually did!
  • An original way to limit or earn TV/Computer/Game console time.
  • A nice tool to get recommendations for new books from your children’s peers that makes selecting and buying books easier!
  • A completely safe, child-friendly social network where your kids play and interact with a parent approved list of friends only.