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Reading Rewards

Benefits for Teachers



Teacher Reading Resources

Reading Rewards can also be used as a fun teaching tool in the classroom. In fact, a study from Stanford University published in May 2008 showed that reading scores improved in schools that used various incentive programs.

Reading Rewards is a simple, fun way to capitalize on a child's natural response to incentives and help improve reading scores.

Benefits for Teachers

  • Improve your class reading scores

  • Share book lists, book reviews and ratings by your class.

  • See which books your kids love the most!

  • Gain detailed access to kids' reading logs, validated by parent

Get Started Quickly!

We created a page just to help you get your class up and running on Reading Rewards.


How it Works

As a teacher, you set up your class as a group, and ask your students to 'join'. Once your students are part of your shared group, you get a nice dashboard which you can use to track class book lists, reading tallies, book reviews, and more.

You can set individual reading targets (and rewards, if desired) for your students, as well as targets and rewards for your class as a whole.

It's fun and satisfying for the class to watch the numbers grow, and using our built-in reward models there is very little for you to set up!

Because Reading Rewards is fully web based, your students can access it from home themselves. And email notifications and parent dashboards mean that parents are kept up-to-date and involved every step of the way.




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