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Helen Keller once said, “All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” That’s something that will resonate strongly with many families, especially those with an adopted child.

Kids are naturally curious, and can experience a wide range of feelings as they grow and explore their identity in their families. For children who have been adopted, there’s an added layer of complexity, as they grapple with both positive and negative emotions relating to their adoption story.

Making meaning through storytelling has power, and that power can be therapeutic. When children read stories in books, it can provide them with a medium to work through feelings in difficult situations, just as the character of the story does. Through their identification with the primary character, children can learn to make sense of situations and find language to express and address their emotions. Think of Superman, one of the most famous adoption stories in popular culture, still a favorite of children and adults of all ages.

Books about adoption offer children opportunities to relate to the character’s challenges, personal growth, and trust, and can give them the language and tools to navigate through their feelings about adoption through imagination, emotion, and change. They’re a great way for children and their parents to broach the subject of adoption at any age.

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