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There’s really no doubt that kids and dogs go together like milk and cookies – they’re both as cute as each other, bond amazingly well, are playful and entertaining in turn, and truly belong together.

Most children have a natural affinity with dogs, who reward them with indefatigable play, unbelievable cuteness, and unconditional love. Dogs wag, wiggle, and whine their way into your hearts with their adorable behaviors and quickly become part of our family, growing alongside our children.

In fact, studies have shown that growing up with dogs gives children better self-esteem, social skills, and cognitive development. By looking after pets, children learn about responsibility, patience, fun, compassion, and most of all, love.

And dogs return the favor by helping children to improve their reading skills and build confidence by letting them read them stories in their beautiful non-judgemental and loving way.

So whether you’re introducing a dog into your family, teaching your child about friendship and responsibility, or simply want to offer children a reading topic they’re sure to love, check out our top list of books about dogs.

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Get Kids Excited About Reading!

Want to make logging reading fun? Get your children or students onto Reading Rewards, where they can move up levels, earn rewards and badges, and exchange with friends on the subject of reading.

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