Books Boys Love – Part 1

After more than 12 months of readers logging their reading minutes and book reviews on Reading Rewards, I thought I’d take a look and see which books were read and enjoyed primarily by boys.

Here are some of the books that came out on top. I’ll post some others later this week!

The first novel of the Heroes of Olympus (Rick Riordan) series was read by 25 of our members, 20 of which were boys (80%). Their average rating was 4.9/5, so this was a huge hit! Our average reader age: 11.6 years.

The boys seemed to enjoy this book even more than those in the original Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

Here’s a discovery for me, sounds perfect for my boys! Big Nate (Lincoln Peirce). 86% of the readers of this book were boys, and their average rating was 4.8/5. Their review comments were brief, but most were along the lines of ‘funny!!!’. Worth a try !  Review from Booklist:

“Unabashedly capitalizing on the Wimpy Kid wave (with a Jeff Kinney blurb-recommendation splashed across the cover), Peirce’s book, for a slightly younger audience, uses a mix of prose and cartoons to tell a quick story about a day in the life of an extroverted, impish kid.”

The 5 books in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Jeff Kinney) series top our most-read books list by a mile, regardless of gender! But they are definitely read by more boys than girls. Book 5, The Ugly Truth, was read by 110 members, 67% of whom were boys. Their average rating was 4.6/5, and average age was 11. I have to admit that our boys absolutely loved this series, and dragged us out to watch the latest movie this weekend. Quite good fun, actually!

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Rick Riordan) books are all rated, on average, between 4.8 and 5.0 by our members. Tried and true favorites! Although popular with the girls as well, on average, 69% of the readers were boys. This series was the first one that really hooked my eldest and got him stuck into his books. Hurray!

More great books for boys later this week. Happy Reading!


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  1. Ann Jacobus May 22, 2011 at 7:43 pm - Reply

     The Percy Jackson books and the Diary of A Wimpy Kid series are still big favorites in our house, even though the main reader of them just turned thirteen. I think they were responsible for turning him into a reader, too. Now that’s saying something!

    • Michelle Skamene May 24, 2011 at 5:04 pm - Reply

      Thanks Ann! My guys (10 and 12) both loved Wimpy Kid and Percy Jackson. 13 years old is not too old for them!! Hey, even I got a few giggles from Wimpy Kid. They’re hilarious. Check out some of the other titles in this list or the Part 2 post if you need any further suggestions for your new reader. Good for him! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Regards, Michelle

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