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Continuing on from my earlier post about Books Boys Love… I’ve been compiling a list of popular children’s books from our Reading Rewards website that were read (and enjoyed!) primarily by boys. If you’re looking for great book recommendations for boys, you might want to consider some of these titles!

Eragon (Inheritance)
Christopher Paolini

Amazon puts this book into the Young Adult category, and happens to have the highest average reader age of all our ‘Top Books for Boys’: 12 1/2 years old. So a slightly more advanced read, but very well liked, with an average rating of 4.5/5, reviewed by 13 readers.

Here are some of their comments!

I enjoyed this book very much. If people like to read fantasy/magic books then this is a great book to read. My favorite characters are Eragon and Saphira. They are the cooler characters”

“This book is excellent. It is a well mix of action, romance, and humor. The mix the author makes with detail and action is awesome. The story is fast paced with an excellent dose of dialouge, action, and everything in between. I highly recomend this book.”

This book has a very good storyline and has lots of olden day language. I would recommend this book to any fantasy fan.”

The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles, Book 1)
Rick Riordan

69% of the readers of this book were boys, average age 10 1/2 years old.  Their average rating was 5, so no doubt about its appeal! Here are some of our member reviews, I particularly love the one about Rick Riordan turning him into a reader. Fantastic!

“Amazing book! Rick Riordan has done it again. Not as funny as the Percy Jackson books, but still really good.”

This book is awesome! I loved the Percy Jackson books because I loved Greek mythology and I know almost all Greek myths, gods and other mythical characters. I love to test my friends (who also adore Percy Jackson) on their knowledge of Greek mythology. I got my brother, my next door neighbor, and my phone pal all to read them! It’s really funny because they’re all on the same exact book! Keep going with the mythology Rick!! I love it!”

“Once again Rick Riordon has made an amazing book that speaks to every one. Rick Riordan made me a huge reader. I used to hate reading but the minute I picked up the Percy Jackson books I new Rick Riordan was a great writer.”

Geronimo Stilton: The Kingdom of Fantasy
Geronimo Stilton
Reading Level:Ages 9-12

A fave book for the slightly younger readers: on average, readers of this book were 9 years old.

Here are a couple of their reviews:

It was a fantasy book and i read it for 6 hours on the way to sydney. i love this book it’s awesome. It has everythong to make the perfect book”

it was a fantasy novel it was also very funny but sad at the end because he has to leave all his friends. My fav character is geronimo stilton cause he is the main character and he kinda decribes me”

Guardians of Ga’hoole Box Set #1: Books 1-4
Kathryn Lasky
Reading Level:Ages 9-12

The 10 kids who read this set absolutely loved it. They gave it 5/5 stars! Their average age was 11 1/2.

Here are a couple of their reviews, I love that it is about an owl!

this book is abut a owl named Soren who lives in Tyto. One day he “falls” from his nest. While his parents were out haunting. Then somebody snatches him and take him to a place were he will live the greatest adventure of his life!!!!”

Soren is quite content in his nice little home. One day his parents go hunting- and he falls from the nest. His brother, Kludd, can almost fly. Yet he is in no mood to save him. A large owl swoops from the sky and grabs Soren, bringing him to darkness. Bringing him to his true calling. A gaurdian of Ga’ hoole!”

Don’t forget to read the first part of this post for more great books for boys. Do you have any book recommendations for boys? I’d love to hear from you!

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