Some of you may have noticed a different look to our blog as well as our Facebook page. Over the past few months, Carole and I have been working very hard on a brand-new version of the Reading Rewards reading program that we will be rolling out on May 25th, 2013!

New Reading Rewards


It’s been a phenomenal year, with our user numbers tripling since 2012. To accomodate all our new readers, we have optimized the site and moved it to a new server. We will also be introducing some exciting enhancements. Here are just a few:

    • Faster, faster, faster! We have recoded some of the key elements of the site which has resulted in much speedier performance overall. This should be a huge improvement in 2013-2014!
    • A much prettier, re-designed user interface, with many more online hints and tips. Reading Rewards will be a lot easier to use and understand for our young members! What’s more, we have used something called responsive design, which means that it will not only work but also look great on iPads and other tablets.
Online Reading Log

New and improved RR!

    • An awesome RR Store with something for everyone! In addition to customized rewards from parents/teachers/librarians, kids will also be able to buy a Joke of the Day, a Video of the Day, or a Raffle Ticket from Reading-Rewards that could win them a real prize! We will soon being holding monthly raffles, with some great prizes. What’s more, our store looks GREAT.
The new RR Store

The new RR Store

  • Nicer badges! Kids will also earn badges as they reach important milestones for Minutes Read, Books Read and Books Reviewed. We love our new badges, and know the kids will too!
  • Games: we have temporarily removed our resource-intensive games from our site. We are looking into partnering with professional game developers to turn our Fun & Games section into something exciting!
  • 90 RR Mile/day limit removed. When we started, we wanted to limit the number of RR Miles that kids could earn, and decided on a 90 RR Miles/day maximum. In our new version, kids will earn RR Miles for every minute of validated reading, with no daily limit. Hurray, hurray!
  • Time-zone support for our friends in APAC, particularly all our Australian and New Zealand friends! Now your reading time will be calculated in your own time zone, and not compared to our New York server time zone! This should make a big difference to you.
  • Alternate email addresses for validation. Children will now be able to add email addresses for more than 1 parent.

We’re also going through our site with a fine-tooth comb, and sorting out little issues that we’ve uncovered along the way.

Rest assured all your information will remain intact as we roll out the new version on May 25th. We can’t wait for you to see the new RR, and we are sure you will love it as much as we do!

Happy Reading!

Michelle and Carole