math-drillsLaila, my first born, is your typical self-motivated, fiercely independent, Type A personality. That became clear in kindergarten, when her response to not having homework, was to assign some to herself.

Over the years, as top marks and certificates of achievement started rolling in, my husband and I took comfort in the assumption that her academic performance would not soon be a concern to us.

One evening, Laila mentioned to us that she had a math test coming up. When we asked her if she was prepared, she immediately burst into tears. Her class was doing weekly speed tests that required students to complete 50 questions in 2 minutes, covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. She had been doing well for most of the year, but as the tests grew more difficult, she started to struggle. And the pressure of the tests were clearly rattling her confidence, which broke our hearts.

I promised to do practice math drills with her every day, until she got back on solid ground. The challenge was that formulating these sample quizzes took time – and were completed in only two minutes! I couldn’t keep up with the demand. Fortunately for me, my business partner Michelle, and founder of Reading Rewards, is a bit of a genius when it comes to developing Web-based applications. More importantly, she’s got a really big heart.

I told her about Laila, and asked her if she could set up a quick little utility to generate printable math drills. Within a day, she delivered this great little math drill generator ( (Isn’t she awesome?)

For us, this little tool has made a huge difference. Laila is back at the top of her game, and my husband and I are delighted to see that she has re-gained her confidence. Michelle is also using the tool with her own daughter.

Although our math drill generator has nothing to do with reading, we thought we would make it available to you too!