Bedtime stories in our household have generally been daddy’s domain. The boys are now reading on their own, and more interested in their own silent reading than read-alouds, which leaves us with our youngest, now aged 5. I spoke about my challenges with her English here, so lately I’ve taken a particular, personal interest in storytime, determined to expose her to a steady stream of English-language picture books.

Today, I discovered the Read-To-Me Picture Book Challenge, and knew immediately I wanted to take part in it. What a great idea!

I’ve been so focused on Reading Reading and my boys’ reading, that I have to admit I’ve missed out on some special moments with my daughter. I’m thinking this challenge can be our special project. I may have to fight hubby for this, although so far, he seems ok with the fact that I have ‘taken over’ this part of the routine. I think he understands how important it is for me, as an Anglo Montrealer, to have a daughter who speaks English.

I’ve decided to participate at the “Feeding” level (72 picture books in a year), although we do read more than 1-2 books a week. I want to take the time to review and post about the books, so I think this is what I can reasonably manage!

I’ve really enjoyed reading some of the posts that other participants have put up so far, and look forward to sharing some of our favorites here! Will any of you join us?

Happy Reading!