How to Log Reading Time on Reading Rewards

How to Log Reading Time on Reading Rewards

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to log your reading time.

  1. Sign in to Reading Rewards by clicking on the ‘Login’ button from the welcome page. Don’t have an account yet? Make sure you use the sign-up button, first. It’s free!
  2. Click on Log Your Reading, to visit your Reading Room. This page is divided into in 4 main sections:
    • My Reading Log shows a history of your reading sessions
    • My Library shows you all the books you have read or are reading.
    • My Wishlist contains your book wish list.
    • My Reviews shows you your summary statistics and reading level
  3. Click on ‘Log Reading Time’ in your Reading Log section.
  4. If you have already added your book to your library, select the book from the Books pull-down menu. Otherwise:
    1. Click Add New Book to Library.
    2. Search for your book by title, then select it and click Add to My Library.
    3. Click the Back arrow to return to your Reading Log page.
  5. Fill in each field as described in the following table:
Reading dateWhen did you do your reading? You can only add reading entries for dates on or after you have joined Reading Rewards!
MnutesHow many minutes did you spend reading? Remember, 1 hour = 60 minutes, not 100! 🙂
Number of pages readHow many pages did you read? Your teacher may have asked you to log pages, too.
CommentsDo you have any comments about this particular section of your book? You will have a chance to provide a full review later on!
Did you finish the book?Did you finish the book on this date? If you select Yes, two more fields will appear, allowing you to rate and review the book.
Your ratingDid you enjoy the book? Tell us how many stars you give it, 1 being the worst, 5 being the best!
Your book reviewIf you’ve finished your book, write a review! You will earn bonus RR miles if you write one that is not too short!


It’s as easy as that! Notice that your book now appears in your virtual library. Once your reading gets validated, your total reading time will appear in your My Stats section.

If ever you need to print off your reading log using a number of different reading log templates, you can click on the printer icon on your Reading Log page. is an online reading log/reading incentive program with a little something for all kids. Designed to encourage reluctant readers by rewarding time spent reading in various ways, Reading Rewards also has tools for eager readers who want to share their reading experiences in a fun, safe, online community.

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