We’re happy to announce a security enhancement on our Reading-Rewards.com reading groups, that has been rolled out today, September 13, 2011.

Your kids’/students’ security is our top priority.

We have added privacy setting on reading groups, which will allow you to make your groups completely private. If you enable this setting, before being able to view or join your group, users will be asked to provide a security code that is unique to your group.

If they fail to do so, they will not be able to view any information about your group.

We strongly recommend that you change the security setting on your reading group by doing the following:

  1. Log on to Reading Rewards
  2. Access your group’s page from the ‘Groups’ tab
  3. Click on the ‘Edit Group’ button
  4. Set ‘Secure group with a code’ to ‘Yes’
  5. Take note of the security code (randomly generated) to hand out to any new students that wish to join your group

This does not affect current group members, nor does it affect students that you created and added to your group yourself. This only affects future members of your group that wish to join you on their own.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy Reading!

The Reading Rewards Team

Reading-Rewards.com is an online reading incentive/reading log website that can be found at www.reading-rewards.com. Kids log their reading time, and are invited to review their books once they’ve finished them. Once their reading entries get validated by a parent (optional), their minutes get converted to points (RR Miles) they can use to redeem for rewards that their parents or teachers set up for them. A full set of features allow teachers to set up groups for their classes and track individual and group reading. A great alternative to paper reading logs!