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At Reading Rewards, our mission is to get kids reading. You’ve heard us say it before: we’re happy to give reluctant readers a little extra encouragement to get them started on the path to reading success. But long-term, we know there’s no substitute for intrinsic motivation — kids reading for the pleasure of reading.

The secret to turning children into avid readers often lies simply in giving them access to the right books. When children find stories that resonate with them, the results can be magical. We recently polled our young readers to ask them what they like about reading. We were swarmed with delightful responses. In their own words, children said that the right book could help them discover a new world, learn about a subject of interest, make them laugh, help them relax before bed, exercise their minds, and improve their writing. It could even make them feel closer to someone they love.

The challenge, then, is how to find that right book. We thought we’d make the job a little easier by sharing what the young users of our program love to read. In this post, browse through the most popular children’s books on Reading Rewards this year, organized by age group and gender. We hope you’ll uncover the right books to help turn the children in your life into avid readers.