Another year, another round of great new additions to the program!

As always, we’re very focused on our teachers, and how to make it even easier for you to get your students reading.

We’re off to a running start this school year, with four enhancements that we hope you’ll enjoy!

The Widget

Teachers who have their own website will love our new embeddable widget.

Show off what your students have read today, this month, or since you started the program!

And the widget is completely dynamic: Every time you refresh, the widget will show updated reading totals for your students.


Privacy Settings

Reading Rewards is more than an online reading log. It’s also a place where kids can connect and exchange about what they’re reading.

But what if, as their teacher, you’d prefer for some of that information to remain visible only to yourself and your co-administrators?

Now, teachers with Premium and School plans can change the privacy settings for each of their groups.

You can decide whether your students can

  • view each other’s reading stats
  • see which books their schoolmates are reading
  • see each other’s RR level
  • read each other’s reviews
  • visit each other’s reading room

Help Center

We work hard to make Reading Rewards user-friendly, but we recognize that you may have questions when you’re first starting out.

That’s why we’ve made sure you have quick and easy access to help you need to get the most out of the program. We’ve introduced:

  • A brand-new Help Center, jam-packed with helpful articles, whether you’re just starting out with RR or on your way to mastery.
  • Online help inside the app. Just look for the bright orange question mark on the bottom right of your screen. Don’t miss our top suggestions for the most relevant help articles for what you’re trying to do at each moment.
  • Built-in messaging. If you don’t find the information you need in our online help, don’t worry: We’re only a few clicks away and always eager to help. Just leave us a message from right inside the app. As always, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Navigation Changes

One thing that’s become obvious to us is that some of our most exciting features — hello, reading challenges! —  were just a little too difficult to find. To correct the situation, we’ve made a few tweaks to our navigation menu at the top of the app:

  • My Reading Log. Teachers who want to log their own reading still can. Look for the option in its new home, under Reading Circle.
  • Getting Started. The Getting Started page, which lets you know how many of our features you’ve tried and which ones you’ve yet to explore, remains your landing page on the app. You can also access it at any time, from the top navigation menu.
  • Reading Challenges. Now that we have a bit more room in our main navigation, we’ve given reading challenges a more visible home – right off the main navigation. Now, your reading challenges will be much easier to find!

And with all that behind us, we still have many more developments coming your way this school year. If you aren’t already signed up to the program, what are you waiting for? Sign up to Reading Rewards today.


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