Top picks for your kids this holiday season

November isn't even over and one of my younger son's favorite activities of late is 'working on his Christmas list'. This involves browsing the websites of ToysRUs, Amazon, BestBuy and other online retailers for the best of the best in electronics and gaming. Sigh! Not surprising. A recent Nielsen poll suggests that 44% of kids [...]

Top picks for a reluctant reader boy

We've had a couple of reading a-ha moments lately that I just had to share. While my older guy has gotten hooked on The Hunger Games trilogy (he's reading Mockingjay at the moment), and finishes any book he starts whether he enjoys it or not as a matter of principle, my younger guy often flits [...]

Winners of the 2011 Children's Choice Book Awards!

The Children’s Book Council (CBC) in association with Every Child A Reader, the CBC Foundation, announced the winners of the fourth annual Children’s Choice Book Awards at a gala in New York City on May 2nd as part of Children’s Book Week (May 2-8, 2011). Children across the country voted in record numbers for their [...]

Why I raid my kids’ bookshelves

I've spent so much time lately researching reading picks for my kids, stocking their bookshelves with all sorts of award-winning and popular titles, that when it finally comes time to reading myself, I often end up reading one of the books I've carefully chosen for.... my boys. I was almost ashamed to admit how lost [...]

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Books Boys Love – Part 2

Continuing on from my earlier post about Books Boys Love... I've been compiling a list of popular books from our Reading Rewards website that were read (and enjoyed!) primarily by boys. If you're looking for great book recommendations for boys, you might want to consider some of these titles! Eragon (Inheritance) Christopher Paolini Amazon puts [...]

Books Boys Love – Part 1

After more than 12 months of readers logging their reading minutes and book reviews on Reading Rewards, I thought I'd take a look and see which books were read and enjoyed primarily by boys. Here are some of the books that came out on top. I'll post some others later this week! The first novel [...]

The Power of a Book

How I believe in the power of a book. I actually remember the first book I ever 'read': sitting on my father's lap, and feeling his pride (and my own) as I read Dr. Seuss's Hop On Pop. Cup, pup, pup in cup. I suppose much of it was from memory but I'll never forget [...]

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Why I love Madeline

Much to my dismay, my 5 year-old daughter does not speak English. As an English-speaking (a.k.a 'anglo') Montreal native, this is really quite devastating. How did this happen? My 2 boys were born in the UK. Although we never really discussed things, it was clear: my French husband would speak to the boys in French, [...]

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