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Help for Teachers

Are you a teacher or librarian just getting started with  Reading Rewards?

Work your way through the tabs below, from left to right, and you’ll find everything you need to get ramped up quickly and take full advantage of our program!

Note: thesymbol relates to features of the paid Premium and/or School accounts.

Manager Users & Reading Groups

Get started quickly on Reading Rewards by creating your classroom reading groups and then either adding students to a group, or inviting them to join the group themselves.

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Recommed Books & Assign Reading

The key to getting kids reading is to offer them great choices of books. Create a recommended book list on Reading Rewards, or reading assignments with timelines and comments on each book.

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Provide Reading Incentive to Students

We all know the reward is in the reading, but sometimes kids need an extra push. Give them that extra incentive by defining fun rewards, as well as custom badges.

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Promote Discussion Around Reading

Reading Rewards offers several built-in ways to communicate with your students. Find out how to comment on their reading logs and book reviews, manage a class blog, post announcements to the School Lobby, and more.

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Assess Reading Comprehension

To get the full benefit of reading, kids need to really understand the books they’re reading, and properly distill the information they contain. With Reading Rewards, find out how to create, deploy and grade quizzes online, then report on quiz results.

Quiz and Grade your Students Online!

Are you ready to find out how much your students really understood about what they’re reading, without all the elbow grease?

We’ll show you how to take advantage of our templates to do just that. And if you have a School account, you can divide and conquer by teaming up with your colleagues.

Get a quick overview of quizzing by watching this video, or just roll up your sleeves and get started. Need a little hand holding? The instructions below will step you through the process of creating and sharing quizzes. Jump right in!

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Challenge Students to Read More

Reading Rewards reading challenges introduce the elements of games, competition and cooperation into the activity of reading. Find out how to issue and manage two types of challenges to encourage children to read more: Classroom challenges and school challenges.

Launch your First Challenge Now!

Do you want to set up your first Classroom or School challenge? How exciting! We’ll have you up and running in no time.

You can get a quick overview of challenges by watching this video, or just roll up your sleeves and get started.

Need a little hand holding? The instructions below will step you through the process of starting or managing your first challenge.

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Share Resources with Colleagues

Teachers and librarians with a school account can pool and share all the resources they create, such as badges, rewards, book recommendations, and quizzes. Learn how to share your badges, rewards, book lists and quizzes with your colleagues.

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