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Whether you want to find out more about Reading Rewards, or find some materials to help inform others about what the site has to offer, our Resources page offers a wealth of videos, presentations, guides and infographics to get you started.


☆ relates to the Premium teacher account

☆ Video Overview: the Quiz Creator

The quiz creator is one of the powerful features included in the new Premium Teachers account. View this video to get a quick overview of the quiz creator, and to find out how it can help you assess your students' reading comprehension.

Benefits of Reading Rewards – Prezi

This short presentation gives you a quick tour of the benefits of Reading Rewards. Please click the right arrow at the bottom of the presentation to proceed at your own pace.

☆ Premium Teacher Account Sponsorship Request

Some teachers have told us that you would be asking your students' parents to sponsor a Premium teacher account for your classroom. We think that's a great idea, since a $2-3 contribution from each student's parents might be all you need to cover the cost of your account. Here is a Reading Rewards Premium sponsorship request template to assist you.