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The Benefits for Teachers

The new Premium account offers major benefits to teachers who want to improve their students’ reading skills.


Monitor Student Progress

The Premium version of our reading program makes it even easier to keep track of how your students are faring. The Teacher Dashboard makes it quick and easy for you stay on top of your students’ reading activity, and communicate their progress to their parents.

You can also follow your students” progress through your assigned reading lists, and create quizzes to assess their comprehension of the books they’ve read.


Improve Communication

The new Reading Rewards’ Premium account for teachers introduces new features to help you communicate more effectively with both students and their parents.

For example, you can send out friendly messages of encouragement to students who are behind on their assigned reading lists, comment on individual reading logs or book reviews, and send  progress reports to parents.


Save Time

Teachers know it all too well: There’s never enough time in  a day.

From creating your students’ accounts in a few simple clicks and eliminating the need for onerous paper reading logs, to letting you design and grade quizzes in a flash, our Premium functionality was designed to make the most out of your time.


Keep Students Motivated

One of the key objectives of Reading Rewards is to motivate children to read.

Teachers with a Premium account can rev up their students’ appetite for reading with customized badges to recognize efforts and achievements, and by leaving personalized comments on students’ reading logs and book reviews.

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