Promote a Reading Culture in your School

Promoting a reading culture in your school is a great way to get students engaged, and motivated to read.

That’s why we created the Virtual School Lobby, a place where your school can demonstrate its commitment to reading, in a multitude of ways.

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Share Reading-Related News

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In the News tab, you can help promote a reading culture by communicating reading-related notices, such as:

  • Book recommendations from staff
  • Fun reading-related quotes
  • Notices from the library or about reading related events

Celebrate Reading Success

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Another way to promote a reading culture is recognize those who have had reading success. In the lobby’s Badges tab, you can celebrate top readers for their reading progress or accomplishments, by displaying the custom reading badges that they received for

  • minutes read
  • reviews written
  • books finished

as well as discretionary badges awarded to recognize specific students.

Share Top Reads

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The virtual lobby also helps inspire kids to read, by providing them with a selection of your school’s most popular books, which they can filter by grade and class.

Hover over each book to see how many students have read it, and how they’ve read it. Sharing top reads is a very natural way to promote a reading culture.

Schoolwide Reading Challenges

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Host a reading challenge, and you’ll ignite your students’ desire to read, like never before.

Nothing promotes a reading culture more than rallying the entire school around the same reading goal.

In the lobby’s School Challenge tab, keep tabs on how your school challenge is progressing.

Share Reading Trends

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The virtual lobby provides useful reading benchmarks, by displaying reports on key statistics at your school, such as the number of

  • minutes read
  • pages read
  • books finished
  • reviews written

by the average student in each grade. Keeping your students, parents, and teachers focused on these reading statistics plays an important role in promoting a reading culture.


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