Video Overview of Reading Incentives

On Reading Rewards, children can:

  • Move up levels and earn badges as they read.
  • Accumulate valuable RR Miles as they read, which they can redeem in various ways!
  • Trade in their RR Miles for a silly joke or riddle.
  • Use their RR Miles to “purchase” rewards that their parents, teachers or librarians have set up for them.
  • Make all their “purchases” in their RR Store, which has the look and feel of a true e-commerce experience, and lets kids know which rewards are available to them, based on their available miles or number of books read.

RR Store

After logging reading time, children can visit the RR Store to start collecting reading rewards.


Earning Reading Rewards

As chidren read, they accumulate valuable RR Miles that they can redeem in various ways! Parents and/or teachers can set up custom rewards, which they can   then ‘buy’ with their RR Miles.

They can also buy a silly Joke of the Day or Riddle of the Day. A great reading incentive.

Great Fun for Kids!

Kids love the fun of shopping in the RR Store. It has the look and feel of a true e-commerce experience, that lets kids know which rewards are available to them, based on the miles they’ve earned and the number of books read.


Monitor students' reading logs online




Provide a variety of fun reading incentives


Assess reading comprehension



Host exciting reading challenges



... and SO MUCH more!



Find the plan that's right for you!


Reward Ideas

Teachers and parents can create any reward they want and define how many RR miles are required to “purchase” each reward.

Here are some ideas of Rewards selected for many of our users by their parents:

  • Movie night at home
  • Movie in the theater
  • Family game night
  • Sleepover with friends
  • Trip to the dollar store
  • Prize draw from a treasure box
  • Extra tickets for a classroom raffle
  • The right to choose the dessert after dinner
  • Make/decorate/eat cupcake session
  • Amazon credit
  • iTunes credit
  • Game console time
And if you’re a teacher looking for some inexpensive & creative reward ideas, please read this very popular post on 11 reading incentives for the classroom.

Reading Badges

In addition to earning rewards in exchange for reading, children can also earn Reading Badges.



Earn Reading Badges

As they read, children will automatically earn reading badges when they:

  • Accumulate reading minutes
  • Read books
  • Review books
  • Reach daily reading targets
  • Meet other reading challenges

As they hit key milestones, they’ll win new reading badges which will be displayed in the My Badges section.


Sign up for a Premium account, and you can create custom badges to recognize the effort and progress of your students:

  • Create badges that will be automatically earned when students meet the reading objectives you set.
  • Create discretionary badges and award them to specific students you want recognize for their efforts or achievement.

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