Interactive Kids’ Reading Log

On Reading Rewards, kids have an online reading room where they can:

  • Keep track of their reading. At any time, they can view their entries, and print them off using any of our reading log templates!
  • Build up their virtual library. Children find it so satisfying to see all the books they’ve read! Our interface to the Amazon database makes it so easy.
  • Add books to their Wish List! Children can visit their friends’ libraries. If they find a book that looks interesting, they can simply add it to their wishlist, which they can then share with parents, grandparents, friends, or anybody else!
  • Write book reviews.

As they log reading, Reading Rewards offers them some built-in reading incentives. They can also earn custom badges and rewards that their teachers and parents define for them.

How Kids Log Reading

Our reading program offers a fun way for kids to log their reading. Here is how it works:

  1. Kids log in regularly to let us know what they’ve been reading, and for how long.
  2. Parents are then notified and asked to validate the reading log entries (optional)
  3. Once their reading logs gets validated, kids earn RR Miles – one for each minute of reading. They also earn extra for reviewing and finishing their books!
  4. When they have accumulated enough RR Miles, they can earn rewards in various ways.
  5. As they log reading time, they will move through fun reading levels and earn badges to recognize their various reading accomplishments! A great way to encourage your more reluctant readers!

Teachers & Librarians Monitor Reading

Sign up with Reading Rewards to:

  • Monitor children’s reading logs.

  • Read their comments & book reviews.

  • Set reading targets and generate detailed reports on students’ reading.

  • Comment on students’ reading logs & book reviews.

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Printable Reading Logs

Use our reading log program to tell us what and when you read. Then choose from any of these great printable reading log templates to show off your progress!
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