Exciting Changes Coming Soon!

Some of you may have noticed a different look to our blog as well as our Facebook page. Over the past few months, Carole and I have been working very hard on a brand-new version of the Reading Rewards reading program that we will be rolling out on May 25th, 2013!   It's been a [...]

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New Reading Log Printables!

While many use Reading-Rewards.com as a great alternative to paper reading logs, few people realize that we have a cool 'Printables' section where kids and teachers can print off reading progress using a number of different reading log templates and reports. Today we added a comprehensive Classroom Reading Summary Report, which provides a reading group [...]

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It’s a Halloween Treasure Hunt!

It's that time of the year again, and we thought we'd send the kids on a Halloween Treasure Hunt! Between now and the end of October, Reading-Rewards.com members will be racing each other to find the most Halloween icons in our grid. Kids get 1 try per 10 minutes of reading, up to a maximum [...]

Security Enhancement – Private Reading Groups

We're happy to announce a security enhancement on our Reading-Rewards.com reading groups, that has been rolled out today, September 13, 2011. Your kids'/students' security is our top priority. We have added privacy setting on reading groups, which will allow you to make your groups completely private. If you enable this setting, before being able to view [...]

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Reading Rewards Badges Are Here!

Do your kids love to collect things? If they're anything like mine, they're badgering you at the first sign of a potential new collection: Pokemon cards, Chaotic cards, Beyblades, SillyBandz (shudder), you name it. What do they do with them? Lose them everywhere, leave them in piles all around the house, fight over unfair trades... [...]

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