The Teacher Dashboard

The Effortless Way to Keep Track of your Students’ Reading!

Here at Reading Rewards, we’re always thinking about teachers, and how we can help make your job easier and give you more time to focus on other things. That’s why we developed the Teacher Dashboard.

The Teacher Dashboard makes it quick and easy for you stay on top of your students’ reading activity, and communicate their progress to their parents.

Class Level Reading Stats At a Glance

  • Monitor your class’ reading activity during the last week, the last month, the last year, or the period of your choice.

  • Get a global view across the group, or view key stats for all students in the same table, including minutes and pages read, books finished, rewards and badges earned, and so much more.

  • Compare your class’ reading stats to the previous period, so that you can focus on continuous improvement.

  • Dynamically filter your class’ stats on the screen, or print your favorite view for future reference!

Drill Down on Individual Students

In your teacher dashboard, focus in on each individual student to answer all of these questions:

  • How much reading are they doing?

  • How are they doing against targets you’ve set?
  • Are they reading consistently, or in fits and starts?
  • Which books have they read?
  • Which badges and rewards have they collected?

Slice & Dice Your Students’ Log Data

  • Filter your students based on their reading activity, using a variety of different metrics, such as books, minutes and pages read, badges earned, number of days of reading, and more.

  • Quickly identify the high achievers over a given period, so that you can recognize their efforts with custom badges or by other means.

  • Immediately spot the struggling or disinterested readers who need more attention or guidance.
  • Identify students who’ve reached certain milestones so that you can recognize them with custom badges.

Get a Schoolwide View

If you’re the administrator of a school account, you can use your dashboard to get a side-by-side overview of each class’ reading activities. Compare:

  • Minutes read
  • Pages read
  • Books finished
  • Reviews written
  • The number and percentage of students who’ve logged reading

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The Teacher Dashboard is Available in all Premium and School Plans

If you’re not signed up to Reading Rewards with a Premium or School plan, don’t waste another minute: The Teacher Dashboard is only one of our many powerful features.

Praise for Reading Rewards

Here’s what our users have to say about the Reading Rewards program.

“My son just finished another book, and has added the next one to his library. This site has really turned around his idea of reading, and it has been one of the main factors of getting him to read so much. Thank you!”

Karen, Parent of a 10-year-old in Vancouver, Canada

“I wish I would have found this site years ago for our struggling reader! This has been an incredible inspirational site to motivate him to read this summer! It was soooo cool to see his peer group reading success…it gave him the motivation to read more and pass his peers by! I cannot say thank you enough!”

Beth, Mom in Ohio