It isn’t always easy to find the perfect gift for the teachers on your list.

After all, just how many cookies or chocolates can one teacher eat, without facing a serious case of indigestion? And mugs, candles and other nicknacks? The idea is nice, but finding a place to store them can be a challenge, especially after years of teaching. We have it on very good authority that teachers favour practical gifts, especially those which can be used in their classrooms.

With that in mind, why not opt for a Reading Rewards Premium Teacher account? A one-year PT subscription will offer lasting value to the lucky recipient, while greatly benefiting your child at the same time. And we’ll chip in too, with a special offer.

What’s more, the teacher will have a full year’s use of the Reading Rewards reading program, from the moment they sign up for their account. That means that they can get started immediately, or start fresh in the fall. The choice is entirely theirs!

Sign up for a Premium Account

Do you want to sign up for your own Premium account? Find out how to  benefit from our special holiday offer. 

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Why your Teacher Will Love His/Her Premium Account

The Premium account offers major benefits to teachers who want
to improve their students’ reading skills.

  • Efficiently monitor student progress
  • Save time
  • Improve communication with students
    and their parents
  • Keep students motivated

The Premium account is loaded with advanced features,
such as the ability for teachers to:

  • Quickly create students’ accounts by uploading a spreadsheet
  • Create special badges to recognized students for their effort, progress, or achievements
  • Assign reading to their students and follow their progress through the list
  • Comment on students’ reviews and reading logs
  • Quiz students to assess their reading comprehension 

Getting Started: as Simple As 123!

Getting your teacher(s) set up with a Premium account is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Click here to purchase the PT account with PayPal or your credit card.
  2. Print out the voucher and present it to your child’s teacher.
  3. The teacher will take it from there!