Michelle Skamene

Michelle is Founder & Managing Partner of Reading Rewards. In 2009, Michelle Skamene was unhappy about the fact that her two boys, then aged 8 and 9, spent very little time reading. Video games and computers were too much competition for their books. She and her husband decided to put a system in place whereby their kids had to earn TV or game console time by reading.

An IT consultant working in the field of Web-based application development, Michelle set up a program for them to log their reading and TV time to help everyone keep track. That was the beginning of Reading Rewards.

Carole Alalouf

Carole is Managing Partner of Reading Rewards.

Carole Alalouf is a marketing, analytics and Web specialist who, over the course of her career, has successfully launched and marketed many commercial sites and business applications.

Raised by two teachers, and a mother herself, Carole loved the idea of using her skills to help make learning & reading more fun for kids.

That’s why in December 2012, when Michelle Skamene asked her to help launch a new-and-improved version of the Reading Rewards reading program, Carole couldn’t wait to get started.

Together, Michelle & Carole have worked to continually raise the bar for Reading Rewards…. and the best is yet to come!



“We just needed that little extra motivation to get the ball rolling, and turning their TV time into a reward was the key. Once they made reading a regular part of their routine, and found books they liked, the incentives, really, were no longer necessary.”
Michelle Skamene

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