Tried & Tested Program, Brand New App!

Reading Rewards is the online reading log and reading incentive program used by hundreds of thousands of kids, teens, parents, teachers and librarians worldwide.

With the new Reading Rewards app, kids and teens can use their iPods or iPads to:

Log Reading

Kids & teens read books offline,
then log their reading on the
Reading Rewards app, where
it can be validated by
their parents.

0 miles

Kids and Teens Earn RR Miles as They Read!

When they have accumulated enough RR Miles, kids and teens can use the Reading Rewards app to earn rewards that their parents and teachers define for them.

The Reading Rewards App Offers Several Built-in Reading Incentives 

As they read, kids and teens can:

Get a Glimpse

In the Reading Rewards app, kids and teens can:

Parents, Get Your Kids Reading!

In the Reading Rewards app, parents can:

Download the Reading Rewards App

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Praise for Reading Rewards

Here’s what our users have to say about the Reading Rewards program.

“My son just finished another book, and has added the next one to his library. This site has really turned around his idea of reading, and it has been one of the main factors of getting him to read so much. Thank you!”

Karen, Parent of a 10-year-old in Vancouver, Canada

“I wish I would have found this site years ago for our struggling reader! This has been an incredible inspirational site to motivate him to read this summer! It was soooo cool to see his peer group reading success…it gave him the motivation to read more and pass his peers by! I cannot say thank you enough!”

Beth, Mom in Ohio