Are you hosting a kids’ book club meeting? You’ll want to plan fun snacks for the kids to munch on while they chat about the book they’ve just read. It’s easy to fall back on classic favorites and store-bought treats. But if you have a little more time on your hands, here are 15 fun book club snack ideas and recipes that are sure to make your young readers smile.

Fruit Leather Edible Books

To make these adorable tomes, wrap a fruit leather cover around white chocolate pages, using a little honey to glue it all together.

Book club snack idea with fruit leather

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Gummy Bookworms

This adorable idea requires no baking at all. It’s all about the packaging.
Sour gummy worms become clever little bookworms when labeled that way, as seen below.

Book club snack idea - bookworms

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Bookworms in Dirt Pudding Cups

Here’s a fun way to elevate the bookworm idea.
Let kids dig them out of up pudding cup topped with oreo cookie ‘dirt’.

Book club snack idea -worms in dirt

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Rice Krispie Treat Book Pops

This edible book offers the choice of two intriguingly flavored covers – root beer or dulce de leche.

Book club snack idea edible book

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Pop Open a Book Popcorn Bag

Basic popcorn becomes a book-club themed snack when you pack it up with this cheeky label.

Book club snack idea popcorn

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Watermelon Name Skewers

Here’s a healthy option that’s a perfect companion to your summer reading book club.
All you’ll need is some cookie cutters, skewers, and fruit.

Book club snack idea watermelon skewers

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Cat in the Hat Marshmallow Pops

What kid doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? Here’s a simple snack they may love just as much.

Book club snack idea Dr. Seuss Hat

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Fig Newton Edible Books

Fig Newtons were used to fashion these miniature bibles.
We fig-ure you can use the same technique to produce the kid’s book of your choice.

Book club snack idea Fig Newton book

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String Cheese Pencils

Pack a little protein in your book club menu with these adorable and easy-to-make edible pencils.

Book club snack idea string cheese pencil

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Ham & Cheese Sandwich Books

Cheese sandwiches have never looked so smart.
Simply wrap a flour tortilla around sliced cheese ‘pages’ and use a food coloring marker for your book titles.

Book club snack idea sandwiches

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Rice Krispies Books & Pencils

These adorable Rice Krispies treats are almost too cute to eat. Somehow, though, we think they’ll manage.

Book club snack idea rice krispies treats book

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S’Mores Books

Want to encourage s’more discussion around the latest read?
In this video, learn how to make edible books that will provide a boost of energy.

Book club snack idea smores book

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Sugar Wafer Pencil Cookies

Add candy melts and chocolate chips to vanilla wafers and – voilà – adorable pencils that kids will love.

Book club snack idea wafer pencil

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Book Cake

Creating a book-themed cake can be as simple as icing two side-by-side loaf cakes and adding chocolate “text”.

Book club snack idea book cake

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Rice Krispies Notebook

For our last book club snack idea, see what happens when you marry Rice Krispies
treats with fondant, a pretzel stick, melted chocolate and edible markers.

Book club snack idea notebook

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Over to You!

So what do you think of these adorable book club snack ideas? Have you got other suggestions to contribute? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!