As a tool to get kids reading more regularly so that they build up proficiency and start reading for pleasure, paper logs are flawed. That’s because most kids really don’t like filling paper reading logs. At Reading Rewards, we’re always looking for new ways to make logging reading fun, by turning it into a game.

That’s why, when we created the School plan, we included reading challenges. This month, we’ve enhanced our school challenges with a brand-new feature designed to take students’ enthusiasm to a new level. Introducing the leaderboard, which ranks the classes in your school by reading activity.

Why Did We Add This Feature?

When children enter either a classroom challenge (where two classes compete against each other) or a school challenge (where the whole school works together to hit a reading goal), the reading they log helps their class or school win the challenge. The team spirit and friendly competition that ensue help kids get satisfaction from logging their reading.

Although we’ve gotten great feedback about our challenges, we’ve always felt that we could do more to make our school challenges even more exciting.

School challenges create team spirit by letting students watch the school advance toward their goal and cheer their own progress on the timeline. But we felt that school challenges were somewhat lacking on the “friendly competition” front. We felt that kids needed some way to see how they were contributing to the total, in order to really get fired up. So we set out to make the challenge a little more competitive.

Introducing the Leaderboard

Today, we announce that school challenges now include a class leaderboard, which ranks classes by total read, as pictured below:

New Settings

We think you’ll find that the leaderboard is a valuable addition to the school challenge, but we want you to have the flexibility to display it or not. With that in mind, we’ve added a new option in your challenge settings. Click here to find out how to show or hide the leaderboard from your school challenge.

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