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Whether you want to find out more about the Reading Rewards reading program or find some materials to help inform others about what the site has to offer, our Resources page offers a wealth of videos, presentations, guides and infographics to get you started.


☆ relates to the Premium teacher account

☆ Video Overview: the Quiz Creator

The quiz creator is one of the powerful features included in the new Premium Teachers account. View this video to get a quick overview of the quiz creator, and to find out how it can help you assess your students' reading comprehension.

☆ Premium Teacher Account Sponsorship Request

Some teachers have told us that you would be asking your students' parents to sponsor a Premium teacher account for your classroom. We think that's a great idea, since a $2-3 contribution from each student's parents might be all you need to cover the cost of your account. Here is a Reading Rewards Premium sponsorship request template to assist you.