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A Tried & Tested Program

  • is an interactive reading log and reading incentive program that was first launched to the public in 2010.
  • The site has been used by hundreds of thousands of kids, teens, teachers, parents, and librarians around the world.
  • On Reading Rewards, kids and teens can log their reading, exchange with friends on the subject of reading, and earn rewards as they read.
  • Schools in more than one hundred countries have integrated Reading Rewards into their curriculum to get kids and teens reading, and to make it more efficient for teachers to monitor reading logs.

Find out more about the Reading Rewards reading program.

A Brand New iOS App

  • On May 1, 2017, Reading Rewards launched a new, free iOS app for kids and teens.
  • Thanks to the new app, kids and teens can access the Reading Rewards features they love, from wherever they do their reading.
  • With the new Reading Rewards iOS app, kids and teens can use their iPods or iPads to:

  • Log their reading
  • Connect with friends to see what they’re reading and read their reviews.
  • Earn rewards as they read.

Find out more about the Reading Rewards app.
Download the app.

Reading Rewards in Schools

Reading Rewards is jam-packed with powerful functionality to help teachers get their students reading.

Through the website, teachers can:

Interactive App Guide

Download the App Guide

Michelle Skamene
Michelle SkameneFounder & Managing Partner
In 2009, Michelle Skamene was unhappy about the fact that her two boys, then aged 8 and 9, spent very little time reading. Video games and computers were too much competition for their books. She and her husband decided to put a system in place whereby their kids had to earn TV or game console time by reading.

An IT consultant working in the field of Web-based application development, Michelle set up a program for them to log their reading and TV time to help everyone keep track. That was the start of Reading Rewards.

Carole Alalouf
Carole AlaloufManaging Partner
Carole Alalouf is an experienced marketer and web designer who, over the course of her career, has successfully launched and marketed many commercial websites and business applications.

Raised by two teachers, and a mother herself, Carole loves the idea of using her skills to help make learning & reading more fun for kids. That’s why in December 2012, when Michelle Skamene asked her to help launch a new-and-improved version of Reading Rewards, Carole couldn’t wait to get started.

Together, Michelle & Carole have worked to continually raise the bar for Reading Rewards… and the best is yet to come!

30-Second App Trailer Video

Demo Video

iPod Screen Shots

iPad Screen Shots

iPod Mockups

iPad Mockups

Praise for the Reading Rewards Program

“My son just finished another book, and has added the next one to his library. This site has really turned around his idea of reading, and it has been one of the main factors of getting him to read so much. Thank you!”

Karen, Parent of a 10-year-old in Vancouver, Canada
“I wish I would have found this site years ago for our struggling reader! This has been an incredible inspirational site to motivate him to read this summer! It was soooo cool to see his peer group reading success…it gave him the motivation to read more and pass his peers by! I cannot say thank you enough!”

Beth, Mom in Ohio
We have turned dozens (yes, DOZENS) of reluctant readers into avid readers who dramatically improved their skills over the course of nine short months.  I really don’t think I could have done it without your site.  Boys (mostly) who hated reading were turned on by the competitive nature of the site and by the various levels reached each time they passed a goal.
Mike Fairbanks, 5th Grade Reading, Peachtree City, Georgia
Once again, I’ll say your site is FABULOUS! […] It is so very easy for even 6-and 7-year olds to navigate! Our Library Media Specialist […] loves it too, as do many other adults and kids! Your fan club around here is growing at breakneck speed!!! 🙂
Joan, 1st Grade Teacher, Seymour, Wisconsin
“This is my first year to use Reading-Rewards and I am loving it. I love the Reading Rooms and reviews and the option to buy the books with just a click. I love the animations and badges and RR miles. My first graders are doing a great job. Some parents were a little leary of using the program, but it was easy for me to walk them through it and now they are all on board.”
“I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!! My kids are so excited to read every night now :-)”

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