Reading Circle

The Reading Rewards reading program integrates easily within all aspects of kids’ lives’, so that they can share the magic of reading with all the people who matter to them.

Reading with Friends

Reading with Friends

Check in with your friends and find out what they’re reading.

Reading with Family

Reading with Family

Parents follow their kids’ progress & can offer them special rewards to encourage them to read.


Reading with your Class

Reading with Classmates

Kids can log their class reading assignments in a cool new way.

Reading at the Library

Reading at the Library

Libraries can easily organize great reading challenges.

A Safe Social Network for Kids


Stimulate Discussion Around Reading

Reading Rewards is safe social network for kids built around the activity of reading. Children can:

  • See what their friends are reading
  • Get great book recommendations from the people who know them best
  • Chat about reading with friends, discussing the books that mean the most to them.

Children love sharing the experience of reading with friends, thanks to Reading Rewards’ social networking for kids!


Reading Rewards in the Classroom


Reading Rewards is a fun & interactive alternative to reading logs. When teachers sign their class up to Reading Rewards, their students are able to:

  • Track their reading online
  • Find a list of books the teacher has recommended
  • Check in on what their classmates are reading
  • Help the class achieve the class reading targets the teacher has established
  • Exchange on the books they are reading through your class blog.