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Reading Rewards is an online reading log and reading incentive program that helps you create a culture of reading in your schools so that you can improve your students’ language and reasoning skills, and enhance their capacity for lifelong learning.

Reading Rewards is the industry-leading online reading log & reading incentive program used by hundreds of thousands of children, teens, parents, teachers, and librarians worldwide.

The More Kids Read, the More They Keep Reading

Reading develops language skills, increases knowledge and improves the ability to reason. Children who read are more likely to perform well in school and are poised for a lifetime of learning. Unfortunately, with activities like social media, TV and video games competing for children’s attention, recreational reading is on the decline.

Create a Virtuous Cycle of Reading

We all do what we can to encourage children to read for pleasure. But struggling readers find it difficult to enjoy reading. Fortunately, with practice, these readers can improve their reading skills, and develop a love of reading, leading them to read more. Daniel T. Willingham, author of “Raising Kids Who Read: What Parents and Teachers Can Do“, calls it a “virtuous cycle”.

Schools can play an important role in feeding this virtuous cycle by getting children to read more.

The Problem with Traditional Reading Logs

Schools across the globe use reading logs to ensure that children read a minimum of time every day. Though well-intentioned, this approach has down sides.

Children Hate Paper Reading Logs

Traditional reading logs are a drag. Children lose them. They forget to fill them out. Worse yet, forcing children to fill in paper reading logs can turn reading into a chore, rather than something they do for pleasure. In short, traditional reading logs can backfire.

Paper Reading Logs are Hard Work for Teachers

The other problem with traditional reading logs? The extra time and effort they require from our teachers. For reading logs to serve their intended purpose, teachers need to review them: When and what are students reading? How consistently? Have their reading patterns changed? Who are the reluctant readers? These are just a few questions that teachers need to answer in order to help students progress.

But that takes time that many teachers just don’t have. And when the data is buried deep within the pages of the reading logs, it’s difficult for teachers to extract the insights they need.

To get students reading, schools need a way to motivate and monitor reading, without creating extra work for teachers.

Introducing Reading Rewards

Use Reading Rewards to track your students’ reading activity in a way that ignites their love of reading, without putting additional demands on teachers’ time.

Logging Reading is Fun on Reading Rewards!

In addition to making it quick and easy for children to log their reading, Reading Rewards uses gamification techniques to make it fun. As they log reading, children can:

  • Move up levels
  • Earn RR Miles that they can use to “buy” rewards you define
  • Win special badges when they reach different reading milestones
  • Team up with classmates to compete in a reading challenge

Reading Rewards is much more than an online reading log.
Our program generates excitement around reading in a number of ways:

For ELA teachers, reading specialists and librarians, Reading Rewards is a game changer.

The Teacher Dashboard

Instead of poring over page after page of paper reading logs, teachers can stay on top of their students’ reading activity in just minutes a day. Using our powerful Teacher Dashboard, teachers can quickly answer the important question, like:

  • How many minutes and pages have their students have read?
  • How many books have their students finished and reviewed?
  • Who are the class’ reluctant or accelerated readers that they need to follow more closely?
  • Which books are students reading? How did they rate and review them?
  • How is each student doing against the targets teachers have set?
  • How consistently is each student reading? What patterns exist in their reading activity?

Teachers can also use their dashboard to create custom reports for parent-teacher interviews, to show parents how their kids are progressing.

Browse Our Teacher Dashboard

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The Weekly Stats Email

Every week, teachers receive a Weekly Stats email that is filled with valuable information. At a glance, they see:

  • A summary of their students’ reading activity
  • Which students haven’t logged any reading all week
  • Who’s read more this week than last
  • Which students logged reading every day
  • Who’s completed a book, and which book
  • Which students have written a review
  • Who’s posted to the blog
  • Which students have redeemed a reward

In just five minutes, teachers can catch up on what their students have been up to all week! It’s a friendly reminder to touch base with less enthusiastic readers, to celebrate reading progress, and to promote a reading culture in their class… Without dedicating hours to first gathering the facts!

In addition to tracking their students’ reading, teachers can use RR to motivate students, communicate with them, and assess their reading comprehension.

“Once you start using RR in your classroom, you love it and can’t imagine ever returning to paper logs.”

Ann Wilson, Teacher - 4th grade, Main Street School, CA

“Once again, I’ll say your site is FABULOUS! It is so very easy for even 6-and 7-year olds to navigate! Our Library Media Specialist loves it too, as do many other adults and kids! Your fan club around here is growing at breakneck speed!!! 🙂

Joan, 1st Grade Teacher, Seymour, Wisconsin

“We have turned dozens (yes, DOZENS) of reluctant readers into avid readers who dramatically improved their skills over the course of nine short months. I really don’t think I could have done it without your site. Boys (mostly) who hated reading were turned on by the competitive nature of the site and by the various levels reached each time they passed a goal.”

Mike Fairbanks, 5th Grade Reading, Peachtree City, Georgia

“No more duo tangs! No more paperwork! I love how Reading Rewards streamlines reading logs and reading assessments for me. The kids love the built in reward system. It’s a terrific program!”

Reagan Niedan, Cycle Three Teacher, Montreal, Canada

“I must say I love your website. I am a 5th grade teacher in Massachusetts and I have been using your website for a couple months now. I have seen my students reading has improved and kids have had the chance to talk with each other about book choices and suggestions which has enriched their reading experience.”

Steve, 5th Grade Teacher in Massachussets

“Your website, by the way, is fantastic. I use it with my 7th grade English class at our small school in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it has really encouraged the kids in their reading.”

Paul, 7th Grade Teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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