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Benefits of the Reading Rewards School Account

Get Kids Reading Outside of School

Supplement in-class reading activities by:

  • Assigning at-home reading
  • Monitoring students’ online logs to track their reading
  • Designing quizzes students can complete at home in order to assess their reading comprehension

Motivate Students to Read

Ignite students’ desire to read by:

  • Creating reading incentives in the form of badges and fun rewards
  • Adding encouraging comments on students’ reading logs and book reviews
  • Launching reading challenges that rev up enthusiasm for reading

Make the Most of Teachers’ Time

For teachers, there is never enough time in a day. With Reading Rewards, you can save hours each week by:

  • Eliminating the need for onerous paper reading logs
  • Designing and grading quizzes in a flash
  • Pooling resources with your colleagues

Monitor Student Progress

Stay on top of the progress your students are making by:

  • Using the Teacher Dashboard to monitor your students’ reading activity and communicate their progress to their parents.
  • Creating quizzes to assess their comprehension of the books they’ve read
  • Tracking key reading statistics by grade, and view badges awarded across the school

Get Parents Involved

With Reading Rewards, parents can play an active role in their children’s reading activity by:

  • Monitoring and validating their reading logs
  • Engaging in family literacy activities and tracking them through the program
  • Defining fun custom reading rewards for their children

Promote a Reading Culture

With Reading Rewards, you can promote a reading culture throughout your school by:

  • Sharing news, reading-related announcements and reading stats in your virtual school lobby
  • Launching a class blog to stimulate discussion around reading
  • Sharing reading recommendations and book reviews


Unleash the power of a School account to get kids reading!


Key Features of the Reading Rewards School Account

Reading Activity

Monitor & comment on children’s reading logs, their comments & their book reviews.

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Reading Incentives

Provide a variety of built-in and custom reading incentives, including fun badges and rewards.

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Start a class blog, exchange messages from students, and encourage them to read each others’ book reviews.

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Share Book

Assign reading to students and follow their progress. Let them browse books classmates and other RR members have read.

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Monitor Progress

Generate summary reports that show the minutes read and books finished by student, as well as reports for parents to follow the progress their kids are making.

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Comprehensive & Interactive School Account

Browse the key features of the Reading Rewards School Account and find out why our interactive reading log and reading incentive program is used worldwide by hundreds of thousands of children, parents, teachers and librarians.

Recognize Progress

Create custom badges for students who meet your objectives, and discretionary badges to highlight the progress of specific students.

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Assess Reading

Create an online quiz with open-ended or multiple choice questions, then grade and comment electronically, and analyze key stats.

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Challenge Kids
to Read More

Ignite interest in reading with reading challenges that harness the motivational powers of friendly competition and team spirit.

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Promote a
Reading Culture

Use the virtual school lobby to promote a reading culture, communicate important news, and celebrate successes.

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Share Reading

Use the resource library to share resources – like quizzes, badges, book lists and rewards – with colleagues.

School Account Pricing

The price of a School account depends on the number of administrators you will have.


$480 US/year
per school

$1,100 US/year
per school

$1,500 US/year
per school

# of administrator accounts (all will have Premium features)1-56-1516-25
# of student accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

If you have more than 25 teachers, please contact us so we can discuss a customized plan to fit your needs.

If you work for a school district that is looking to sign up multiple schools for a School account, please contact us about volume discounts.

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Unleash the power of a School account to get kids reading!