Sign Up for your Reading Rewards Membership. Whether you’re a reader, a parent, a teacher, or a librarian, there’s a Reading Rewards membership that’s right for you.

The Reader Account

If you are a child who wants to log your reading through Reading Rewards, then what you need is a FREE Reader Account.

  • Log reading
  • Add books to library & wish list
  • Read & write book reviews
  • “Purchase” rewards from the RR Store
  • Earn special badges
  • Join a reading group (e.g. family, classroom, library, or school) to learn about what members are reading & follow the blog
  • Connect with friends and check out what they are reading
  • Browse though recommended book lists, popular books on Reading Rewards, and books that your reading circle has enjoyed.
  • Take quizzes, if teacher have set some up.


Administrator Accounts

If you are a parent, teacher or librarian who wants to create and manage groups of users, assign reading, monitor their reading, create reading incentives, generate quizzes and much more…. then there is an Administrator Account for you.

If you are a… Parent, Teacher, or Librarian Teacher or Librarian Schools


$70 US/year
per teacher*

Annual pricing per school:

  • 0-5 teachers: $480
  • 6-15 teachers: $1,100
  • 16-25 teachers: $1,500

Administer Reading Groups

Create & manage a reading group
Share admin duties with other teachers or librarians

Create User Accounts

Create reader accounts for your students
Bulk upload users from a spreadsheet in a few clicks
Maximum number of group members 70 250** Unlimited

Assign Reading

Set up lists of recommended books for readers
Create detailed reading assignments with timelines
Monitor students’ progress relative to your assignments

Encourage Reading

Add customized rewards to the RR Store  ✓
Add customized badges that readers can earn
Set up reading challenges between classrooms
Issue a reading challenge to the entire school

Assess Comprehension & Provide Feedback

Provide feedback on reader’s log comments and book reviews
Quiz students on books they’ve read, grade quizzes & report on grades

Track & Report on Progress

Run reading log reports to track reader progress  ✓

School Integration

School logo on every page  ✓
School address on Reading Rewards
Resource library for schools to pool the custom badges, rewards, quizzes and book lists they create  ✓
Virtual School Lobby to communicate school news and reading progress  ✓
Sign Up Now!
Sign Up Now!
More Info!

Click here to find out more about the Premium Teacher account.

Group Discounts

Purchase multiple Premium Teacher accounts and benefit from special pricing.

  • 2-5 accounts: 10% discount
  • 6-10 accounts: 20% discount
  • 11+ accounts: 25% discount

To take advantage of bulk discounts, contact us.

*Get Sponsored

Teachers, you may want to ask your students’ parents to contribute a couple of dollars towards the cost of a Premium account. Click here to download a sample sponsorship request letter to send to parents.

**Custom Packages

Do you need to add more than 250 readers in your groups? We offer special plans to meet your needs:

251 to 400 $100
401 to 600 $150
601 to 800 $200
801 to 1,000 $250
1,001 to 1,200 $300
1,201 to 1,500 $360

If you’re interested in subscribing to one of these plans, or if you have even more than 1,500 users, please contact us and let us know:

  • How many users you need to accommodate
  • Whether you would like to pay by cheque or PayPal/credit card