The Reading Program’s Administrator Accounts

If you’re a parent, teacher or librarian who wants to manage groups of readers, monitor reading, create reading incentives, create reading challenges, and much more, then the Administrator Account is for you.


  • 1 to 100 readers


  • 101 to 250 readers


  • 251 to 500 readers


  • 501 to 1,000 readers


  • 1,001 to 1,500 readers

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The Reading Program’s Reader Account

If you’re a child who wants to log your reading through Reading Rewards, or a parent setting up your child’s account, then what you need is a FREE Reader Account.

  • Log your reading in a fun and interactive way
  • Add books to your virtual library & wish list
  • Read & write book reviews
  • Earn special badges
  • “Purchase” rewards from the RR Store
  • Join a reading group (e.g. family, classroom, library, or school) to learn about what members are reading & follow the blog
  • Connect with friends and check out what they are reading
  • Browse though recommended book lists, popular books on Reading Rewards, and books that your reading circle has enjoyed.
  • Take quizzes, if teacher have set some up.
  • Participate in a reading challenge, if your teacher or school has issued one.
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Praise for Reading Rewards

Here’s what our users have to say about the Reading Rewards program.

The Premium account provides greater ease in setting up student accounts, as well as the ability to assess students’ reading progress through the “Quizzes” feature.  It’s helpful to have these tools in addition to the motivating online reading community that Reading Rewards provides for my students.
Kristin Riley, Gifted Program Teacher, Grades 2-5 Carl Junction, Missouri
Once you start using RR in your classroom, you love it and can’t imagine ever returning to paper logs.
Ann Wilson, Teacher - 4th grade, Main Street School, CA
Once again, I’ll say your site is FABULOUS! […] It is so very easy for even 6-and 7-year olds to navigate! Our Library Media Specialist […] loves it too, as do many other adults and kids! Your fan club around here is growing at breakneck speed!!! :-)
Joan, 1st Grade Teacher, Seymour, Wisconsin
We have turned dozens (yes, DOZENS) of reluctant readers into avid readers who dramatically improved their skills over the course of nine short months.  I really don’t think I could have done it without your site.  Boys (mostly) who hated reading were turned on by the competitive nature of the site and by the various levels reached each time they passed a goal.
Mike Fairbanks, 5th Grade Reading, Peachtree City, Georgia
No more duo tangs! No more paperwork! I love how Reading Rewards streamlines reading logs and reading assessments for me. The kids love the built in reward system. It’s a terrific program!
Reagan Niedan, Cycle Three Teacher, Montreal, Canada
“This is my first year to use Reading-Rewards and I am loving it. I love the Reading Rooms and reviews and the option to buy the books with just a click. I love the animations and badges and RR miles. My first graders are doing a great job. Some parents were a little leary of using the program, but it was easy for me to walk them through it and now they are all on board.”
Ruth, First Grade Teacher in Alabama

“I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!! My kids are so excited to read every night now :-)”

Kate, Teacher in Pasco County, Florida
“My 130 students and I are LOVING this website! So amazing to be able to create a community of readers! […] Thank you for this wonderful resource!”
Teacher, Rutherford County, Tennessee
“We now have all the kids and homeroom teachers of grades 1-5 enrolled! :-) A few teachers have taken off and gotten their kids going on it already—my own first graders have been “training” their peers, and loving it!!!
Once again, I’ll say your site is FABULOUS! […] It is so very easy for even 6-and 7-year olds to navigate! Our Library Media Specialist […] loves it too, as do many other adults and kids! Your fan club around here is growing at breakneck speed!!! :-)”
Joan, 1st Grade Teacher in Seymour, Wisconsin

“I must say I love your website. I am a 5th grade teacher in Massachusetts and I have been using your website for a couple months now. I have seen my students reading has improved and kids have had the chance to talk with each other about book choices and suggestions which has enriched their reading experience.”

Steve, 5th Grade Teacher in Massachussets
“Your website is fantastic.  I have almost all of my students on.  We’re just waiting for about 30 more kids to join and then our group will have 93.  The kids are thrilled with reading-rewards (fifth grade).  I cannot thank you enough. […] It made a huge impact on my students. Many of my reluctant readers thrived on the format and we saw a large gain in reading levels.”
Michael, 5th Grade Teacher in Peachtree City, Georgia

“Students were excited to buy their rewards that we set up as a class. At the beginning of the year, we brainstormed what rewards they wanted to purchase and set a price for them. Students would read enough and then purchase their reward. They were also motivated to increase their level. I can’t believe that moving from a Goldfish to a Dragon could influence students to log more reading, but it did.”

Matthew, 7th Grade Teacher, Butler Middle School, WI
“Your website, by the way, is fantastic. I use it with my 7th grade English class at our small school in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it has really encouraged the kids in their reading.”
Paul, 7th Grade Teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Reading Rewards was just what our school needed to build more enthusiasm for our summer reading program. As the librarian, I was able to use our premium account to set up logins for all of our students, but I was also able to share responsibilities for monitoring lists and creating rewards with other teachers. (…) I have received fabulous feedback from students, parents, and teachers as we have used Reading Rewards this summer. The students love being able to earn badges, progress through the different reading level icons, and most of all, share their progress with the classmates in their groups. Many students are already asking if they can keep using it now that the summer program is over even if there are no rewards! The enthusiasm and excitement that Reading Rewards has generated has been very enriching for us as a school.
Jennifer Hogenboom, LS Educational Technologist and Librarian, Savannah Country Day School, Savannah, GA
“I wish I would have found this site years ago for our struggling reader! This has been an incredible inspirational site to motivate him to read this summer! It was soooo cool to see his peer group reading success…it gave him the motivation to read more and pass his peers by! I cannot say thank you enough!”
Beth, Mom in Ohio
“My son just finished another book, and has added the next one to his library. This site has really turned around his idea of reading, and it has been one of the main factors of getting him to read so much. Thank you!”
Karen, Parent of a 10-year-old boy in Vancouver, BC