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Program Overview

Reading Rewards is a comprehensive & interactive reading log & reading incentive program that is used worldwide by hundreds of thousands of children, parents, teachers and librarians.
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Track Reading Activity


    On Reading Rewards, children can:

  • Log their reading in a fun and interactive way.
  • Rate and review books after they’ve finished them.
  • Showcase all the books they’ve read in the virtual library.
  • Build up a wish list of books they want to read.

    Teachers, parents, and libraries can then:

  • Monitor children’s reading logs.
  • Read their comments & book reviews.
  • Set reading targets and generate detailed reports on students’ reading.
  • Comment on students’ reading logs & book reviews. (p-small & s-small only)
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Please note: The number of children whose reading you can monitor depends on the type of account you have:

  • Basic account holders can monitor the reading of up to 70 children.
  • Premium account holders can have up to 250 readers across their active groups, unless you contact us about a custom premium plan to allow for more children.
  • School account holders can monitor an unlimited number of readers.

Provide Reading Incentives


    On Reading Rewards, children can:

  • Move up levels and earn badges as they read.
  • Accumulate valuable RR Miles as they read, which they can redeem in various ways!
  • Trade in their RR Miles for a silly joke or riddle.
  • Use their RR Miles to “purchase” rewards that their parents, teachers or librarians have set up for them. (Rewards don’t have to cost a penny. Read about some creative reward ideas here.)
  • Make all their “purchases” in their RR Store, which has the look and feel of a true e-commerce experience, and lets kids know which rewards are available to them, based on their available miles or number of books read.
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Monitor students' reading logs online




Provide a variety of fun reading incentives


Assess reading comprehension



Host exciting reading challenges



... and SO MUCH more!



Find the plan that's right for you!



Stimulate Discussion Around Reading

    On Reading Rewards, children can:

  • Connect with friends and classmates, see what they’re reading, and read their book reviews.
  • Participate in their class’ blog, if the teacher has chosen to set one up.
  • Send and receive messages from their teachers, parents and librarians.
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Share Book Recommendations


    On Reading Rewards, children can:

  • Display a list of books that their friends have read, as well as their friends’ reviews of those books
  • Browse book lists assembled by their parents, teachers, or librarians.
  • See which books are most popular among Reading Rewards members, by age and gender.
  • Browse book lists compiled by Reading Rewards, and other Reading Rewards members.

    Teachers, parents, and libraries can create reading assignments with timelines, follow the children’s progress against those lists, and send them personalized messages of encouragement (p-small & s-small only).

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Monitor Progress


  • Teachers can generate summary reports that show the minutes read and books finished by student.
  • Teachers can generate special progress reports to show parents how their children are progressing. (p-small & s-small only).
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Recognize Progress


    Reading Rewards automatically awards badges to children who:

  • Read a set number of minutes
  • Finish a set number of books
  • Review a set number of books
  • Read several books from the same author
  • Meet a number of other reading challenges

    Teachers can also create custom badges for students who meet the reading objectives they set, as well as discretionary badges for students they want to recognize for their efforts or achievement. (p-small & s-small only).

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Assess Reading Comprehension


With a Reading Rewards Premium or School account, teachers can:

  • Create a quiz from scratch or from a template.
  • Add open-ended or multiple choice questions.
  • Collect & filter completed quizzes as they are submitted.
  • Grade and add comments on each question, and on the quiz as a whole.
  • Track key stats for each quiz, such as highest/ lowest grades, average, and median grade.
  • Submit corrected quiz with comments to each student.
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Challenge Children to Read More


  • With a Reading Rewards school account, you can set up two kinds of reading challenges — classroom challenges and school-wide challenges.
  • Classroom challenges harness the motivational powers of friendly competition, as two classes compete to see which one can read the most minutes, pages or books by a set date.
  • School-wide challenges unite the student body behind a common goal, such as reading a set number of minutes, pages or books by a given date.
  • Both types of challenges build up and maintain excitement with dynamic thermometer charts, messages of encouragement, and an interactive newsfeed.
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Promote a Reading Culture


Just like a real school lobby, the school account’s virtual lobby is a central hub where you can communicate important school news, and celebrate students’ successes. To promote a reading culture, the lobby displays:

  • All the custom badges earned by students in the past thirty days, which can be filtered by grade and group.
  • A bookshelf showing the most popular books in your school.
  • Announcements posted by your school’s RR administrators, as well as (optionally) your Facebook and Twitter feeds.
  • Charts that show reading statistics by grade.
  • Your school challenge, if one has been issued.
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Share Reading Resources


Teachers and librarians with a school account can use the Resource Library to pool and share all the resources they create, such as:

  • Quizzes
  • Custom badges
  • Book recommendations
  • Rewards
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Video Overview of a School Account

Reading Rewards Presentation

Reading Rewards tour from Reading Rewards

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