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Benefits for Teachers

Reading Rewards helps give your class’ reading scores a boost by helping you:

  • monitor students’ reading activities
  • give them feedback
  • assess reading comprehension
  • recognize their progress
  • get parents involved in the process
Teachers know it all too well: There’s never enough time in  a day.

By moving your paper reading logs online, Reading Rewards saves you from having to plough through piles of paper.

And our Premium functionality was designed to make the most out of your time: From creating your students’ accounts in a few simple clicks and eliminating the need for onerous paper reading logs, to letting you design and grade quizzes in a flash.

One of the key objectives of Reading Rewards is to motivate children to read.  Kids have fun choosing an avatar, and advancing levels as they read. They can also earn badges and special rewards you define for them.

Teachers with a Premium account can rev up their students’ appetite for reading with customized badges to recognize efforts and achievements, and by leaving personalized comments on students’ reading logs and book reviews.

Reading Rewards has a built-in blog feature where your class can exchange thoughts on the books they are reading. You can also exchange private messages with indivual students.

In addition, the new Reading Rewards’ Premium account for teachers introduces new features to help you communicate more effectively with both students and their parents.

For example, you can send out friendly messages of encouragement to students who are behind on their assigned reading lists, comment on individual reading logs or book reviews, and send  progress reports to parents.

How it Works

As a teacher, you set up your class as a group, and ask your students to join. Once your students are part of your shared group, you can assign reading, track their reading activities, read their book reviews, and more.

You can set individual reading targets (and rewards, if desired) for your students, as well as targets and rewards for your class as a whole.

It’s fun and satisfying for the class to watch the numbers grow, and using our built-in reward models there is very little for you to set up!

Because Reading Rewards is fully web based, your students can access it from home themselves. And parent dashboards mean that parents are kept up-to-date and involved every step of the way.


Find Out More

Watch these videos to find out more about the Reading Rewards reading program.

Demo of the Interface – Admin Perspective

Overview of the Premium Teacher Account

Overview of the Quiz Creator


Which Type of Account is Right for You?

Find out which Administrator Account is most suited to your needs.



$80 US/year

per teacher*

Annual pricing per school:

  • 0-5 teachers: $550
  • 6-15 teachers: $1,265
  • 16-25 teachers: $1,725

Administer Reading Groups

Create & manage a reading group
Share admin duties with other teachers or librarians

Create User Accounts

Create reader accounts for your students
Bulk upload users from a spreadsheet in a few clicks
Maximum number of group members70250**Unlimited

Assign Reading

Set up lists of recommended books for readers
Create detailed reading assignments with timelines
Monitor students’ progress relative to your assignments

Encourage Reading

Add customized rewards to the RR Store ✓
Add customized badges that readers can earn
Set up reading challenges between classrooms
Issue a reading challenge to the entire school

Assess Comprehension & Provide Feedback

Provide feedback on reader’s log comments and book reviews
Quiz students on books they’ve read, grade quizzes & report on grades

Track & Report on Progress

Run reading log reports to track reader progress ✓

School Integration

School logo on every page ✓
School address on Reading Rewards
(e.g. YourSchool.Reading-Rewards.com)
Resource library for schools to pool the custom badges, rewards, quizzes and book lists they create ✓
Virtual School Lobby to communicate school news and reading progress ✓

Group Discounts

Purchase multiple Premium Teacher accounts and benefit from special pricing.

  • 5-10 accounts: 10% discount
  • 11-15 accounts: 15% discount
  • 16+ accounts: 20% discount

To take advantage of bulk discounts, contact us.

*Get Sponsored

Teachers, you may want to ask your students’ parents to contribute a couple of dollars towards the cost of a Premium account. Click here to download a sample sponsorship request letter to send to parents.

**Custom Packages

Do you need to add more than 250 readers in your groups? Contact us if you want a customized plan that meets your specific needs.