Can I edit my name in Reading Rewards?2016-12-03T22:46:43+00:00

Yes. You can edit the name by clicking on the ‘My Account’ link on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Is Reading Rewards available in any other languages?2016-12-04T00:41:46+00:00

Reading Rewards is also available in French at www.PetitsBouquineurs.com. Eventually, we hope to offer Reading Rewards in other languages too.

Is there a way for us to print out the weekly reading logs for kids all at one time or will we have to bring each student file up individually to print?2016-12-26T02:43:51+00:00

You can print off reading logs for all your students at once, or individually. It’s up to you. If you click on your group’s page, and then go to the ‘Reading Log’ tab, you can either select a reader, or leave the reader selection ‘blank’. If you leave it blank, ALL students’ reading logs will display, and you can click on the printer icon to print.

Is it possible to track and reward only by pages or chapters read, and not minutes or books read?2016-12-04T00:40:42+00:00

You can certainly track pages read: When logging reading time, students can enter pages read. This information will appear on reading log details and reports. However, our reward system and RR store are currently set up to use only minutes and books, not pages.

Is there a way to print cards for my students, that have their login information?2016-12-04T00:41:00+00:00

You can print off an introduction letter for parents, right from your Reading Reward interface. The letters will help you introduce the site to parents, and will also include each child’s username and password. This is how it works: 1) In the Reading Circle section of the site, click on Parent Introduction Letters on the left side of the page. 2) From the pull-down list, select the name of your group. 3) Click the link “Parent Introduction Letters – Accounts created” to generate a PDF document, which you can print and distribute.

My students are not members of Reading Rewards. Is there an easy way for me to tell them about the site and help them sign up for an account and join my class group?2016-12-04T00:41:28+00:00

We’ve made it easy for you to invite your students to sign up for Reading Rewards and join your group. In fact, you have two options: a. Create accounts for all your students. b. Have students sign up to Reading Rewards, then join your group. For detailed instructions, visit: <a href=”http://www.reading-rewards.com/teachers”>http://www.reading-rewards.com/teachers</a>

I accidentally put two copies of the same book in my library. How do I delete it?2016-12-04T00:41:53+00:00

You have probably inadvertently added two different editions of the same book (with different ISBN numbers) to your library. To delete one them, click on the book cover to display the Book Details page, then the little trash can to delete the book. Note that if you have written any reviews about this book, they will be deleted as well.

One of my students entered the wrong number of minutes by accident. Can I edit it?2016-12-04T00:42:40+00:00
Can anybody access my group’s page?2016-12-04T00:42:53+00:00

It depends on how you set your group up. By default, groups are set up as private, secured groups. This means that only members can view group details, and new members need to know the code if they wish to join your group. If you create accounts for your students, they will not need to know the security code. However, if they will be signing up for accounts on their own, they will need to know the security code before being able to join your group, so make sure you give it to them! The security code is available only to the group administrator, by clicking on ‘Group Settings’. If you wish to make a group public, then you can always change the privacy setting on your ‘Group Settings’ page.

As group administrator, can I validate my students’ entries if their parents cannot?2016-12-26T02:43:54+00:00

There are several ways of setting this up. You can enter your own email address for the student for validation, or you use the parent’s email address, but validate the entries if for some reason the parent cannot. To validate entries for a student, click on the ‘Validate Reading’ button from your group’s page. The teacher can validate any reading entries that have not yet been validated on this page. Please note that you can also delete reading log entries here.

If I remove members from my group, will they retain their Reading Reward accounts, as well as their reading logs, badges, etc.?2016-12-04T00:43:40+00:00

By removing members from your group, you will not be affecting their account. They will retain their logs, badges, reviews, etc. and be able to enter RR with their regular credentials.

Can I delete a group I have created?2016-12-04T00:43:58+00:00

Yes. Just go into Reading Circle > Mange Groups and select your group. Once there, click on Settings. You will see a trash can icon that you can click to delete your group.

I am a group administrator and someone I don’t know joined my group. How did this happen and how can I prevent it?2016-12-26T02:43:56+00:00

Group administrators can secure their groups with a code to make sure that only specific users are able to join the group. If you do not enter a security code for your group, it will be accessible to anyone who searches and finds it. If you would like to secure your group now, just click on the group name, then on the Settings tab. There, you will be able to specify a security code.

I would like to change the email address on my account. Can I do this?2016-12-04T00:44:45+00:00

To change any details about your account, click on the ‘My Account’ link at the top right-hand corner of any Reading-Rewards.com page. Note: you must be logged in to perform this action.

How can Reading Rewards be used for school fundraising?2016-12-04T00:44:57+00:00

Children ask their friends and family to sponsor their reading and to commit to paying a small amount for every RR Mile they accumulate. Children then log their reading on the site, and accumulate RR Miles. They can then print their reading logs or save them to their computer, show their sponsors how many RR Miles they have earned, and collect their donations. We have many schools using Reading Rewards for fundraising purposes, and who are very happy with the results. We have even received feedback from schools that kids who use the site for their fundraising raise more money than those who do not!

I want to use the online reading log with my class, but do not want kids to be able to see each other’s reading stats. Is this possible?2016-12-04T00:45:35+00:00

Absolutely! On your group settings page, there is a field that allows you to keep individual reader stats private. Look for the ‘Can kids see each other’s reading stats? field. If you set this to ‘No’, then kids can still share book reviews, but will not have access to each others reading minutes, pages read, or reading levels. A great way to implement our reading log with a bit less competition all around!

What is the security code of the group I administer?2016-12-26T02:43:59+00:00

From Reading Circle, choose Manage Groups. Select your group, then the Settings tab. You will see the security code in the Security Code field.

Can I see what my classmates are reading?2016-12-04T00:47:44+00:00

If you have joined Reading-Rewards as part of a group with your class, you can see what your classmates are reading by clicking on your group’s name from the ‘My Reading Circle –> My Groups’ page. You will then see a list of your classmates, as well as a picture of the book they are currently reading. Clicking on your classmate’s name will take you to their Reading Room, which will show you all the books they are reading (or have read), their reviews, and even wish list! This is a great way to get great book recommendations.

How can I earn RR Miles?2016-12-03T23:33:56+00:00

By reading! You will earn 1 RR Mile per minute of reading. You will also earn 10 RR Miles every time you finish a book, and another 10 RR Miles if you write a lengthy enough review.

How do I move a reader from one group to another?2016-12-26T02:44:01+00:00

To move readers to a different group, you have to remove them from one group and add them to the new one. You can remove them from the group on the Members tab of your group. By removing members from your group, you will not be affecting their account. They will retain their logs, badges, reviews, etc. and be able to enter RR with their regular credentials. To add members to a new group who are already members of Reading Rewards, just have them log in to their Reading Rewards account. Then under Reading Circle > My Groups, they’ll find and join your group using your group’s security code. They will need your group name (to find your group) and your group’s security code (to join it).

I am setting up a new class this year. Should I create a new group, or keep the same group as last year but delete all of last year’s students’ names to begin fresh?2016-12-26T02:44:09+00:00

There are advantages to keeping your old group and just starting a new one for your new class: You retain the history of books read, rewards given… and you also don’t need to individually delete all your members.

Having said that, you absolutely can keep the same group. Just remove past group members from the group, and change the group’s Start and End dates in the Group’s Settings tab to reflect the new school year. Only reading logged during this period will appear in your group’s log.

Should we be holding a Read-a-Thon launch meeting? What advice can you give us?2016-12-03T23:28:19+00:00
How can we reward Read-a-Thon participation?2016-12-03T23:27:29+00:00
How and when do Read-a-Thon administrators receive Read-a-Thon proceeds?2016-12-03T23:25:30+00:00
How much does it cost to participate in a Read-a-Thon?2016-12-03T23:23:03+00:00
How do I collect donations from sponsors?2016-12-03T23:20:48+00:00
How can I add readers to my Read-a-Thon?2016-12-03T23:19:46+00:00
Raising money for a Read-a-Thon2016-12-03T23:16:30+00:00
What can I do with my RR Miles?2016-12-26T02:44:19+00:00

Visit your RR Store to buy some rewards! You will find a Joke of the Day, a Riddle, and we sometimes run Raffles, too! You can buy all these with your RR Miles. Ask your parents or teachers to add rewards to your RR Store, too!

Teachers can add a reward to the group’s RR Store, and parents can add rewards to their children’s store, by signing up for a Parent account and creating a group for your family. Once they have done this, they can create rewards for you via their ‘Rewards –> Manage Rewards’ option. See this post about reading incentive ideas for some great suggestions!

My child joined Reading Rewards through his/her school. How can I connect to his/her accounts to my Administrator account in order to track his/her progress?2016-12-26T02:44:03+00:00

The best thing for you to do is to log into your Administrator account, create a group for your family, and have your child join the group. As a member of your group, you and your child will be able to blog, see each other’s libraries, read each other’s reviews etc. It will also make it easy for you to set up customized reading rewards for your child, and validate his/her reading, if you choose to do so. Here are detailed instructions: 1. Under Reading Circle, choose Manage Groups, then click Create a New Group to create a group for your family. Take note of the group’s security code or choose a meaningful one for your family. 2. Your child can then log in to his/her account, click on Reading Circle > My Groups, find your group, then click Join Group. He/she will need your group security code. Alternative to step 2: You can add your child to your group, yourself. To do so, log in to your Administrator account, and visit Reading Circle > Manage Groups. Next to your group name, click Link to Reader. You will need your child’s security code which can be found by logging in to your child’s account and visiting My Account.

How do students change their avatars?2016-12-03T23:14:32+00:00

Students can change their avatars by clicking on the blank avatar they will get by default. It is a blue silhouette with a question mark. Once they have clicked, they will see an assortment of new avatars to choose from. They can choose a new one anytime!

How can I print a list of all the different RR reading levels?2016-12-26T02:44:04+00:00

Inside your group’s page, click the Group Members tab. Click on the Level image for any one of your members to display a page with all the levels. You can either Print or Export them to Excel by clicking on the appropriate link at the very bottom of the page.

How do I remove a member from my group.2016-12-26T02:44:06+00:00

Under Reading Circle, select Manage Groups. Select your group. On the Members tab of your group, click the Trash Can icon next to the member you want to remove from your group.

In my RR Store, why are some of the Buy buttons dimmed?2016-12-26T02:44:08+00:00

In your RR Store, if you put your mouse over the dimmed ‘buy’ button, hover text will appear to tell you why you cannot purchase a specific reward. It is possible that you don’t have enough RR Miles, have not read enough books, have already reached your purchase limit for the prize, or some other reason. The button’s hover text will tell you.

I have a notification that says I have unread messages, but I can’t figure out how to read them or where they are.2016-12-03T22:57:27+00:00

To read your messages, go to: Reading Circle > Messages.

I logged reading time, but the entry has a ‘?’ next to it, and I did not get any RR Miles or time credit. Why?2016-12-03T22:47:56+00:00

This means that your reading log has not been validated by your parents yet. Ask them to check their email address (SPAM folder, too!) for the validation email. In the email, there will be a link they should click, which will take them to a page where they can validate your entries. They should bookmark or retain this link for future use! If you cannot find the email, you can get a new one sent to you by clicking in the yellow section above your Reading Log.

Is it possible to delete reviews?2016-12-03T21:34:58+00:00

Yes. You can delete your review by clicking Edit My Review, then the Trash Can icon.

My students are already members of Reading Rewards. How can I get them to join my class group?2016-12-03T21:42:18+00:00

Have students log in to their Reading Rewards account, then under Reading Circle > My Groups, find and join your group using your group’s security code.

They will need your group name (to find your group) and your group’s security code (to join it).

You can provide that information and more by sending them home with a Parent Introduction letter (“Student Signup” version), which you will find on the left of your Manage Groups or Manage Accounts screen.

Why can’t all the validated minutes logged by a reader be seen in the Group Members tab?2016-12-26T02:44:14+00:00

Only validated minutes logged between the group’s start and end dates appear in the Group Members tab. Group Administrators can change the group’s start and end date through the Settings tab. Please note, however, that if an administrator visits a student’s Reading Room (by clicking on the button from the Members tab), then they will have access to ALL Reading Log entries entered by the student, regardless of date. However only those entered between the group start and end dates will count towards the group total.

Why can’t I see all the reviews that my students have written through my Group?2016-12-26T02:44:16+00:00

Only reviews added between the group’s start and end dates appear in the Group Members tab. Group Administrators can change the group’s start and end date through the Settings tab.

My students are not using the blog section appropriately. Can I turn off access to the blog?2016-12-26T02:44:17+00:00

Yes. The teacher or group administrator controls access to the group blog. If you wish to enable to disable blogging, simply access your group’s page, click on the Settings option, and change the setting for Blog Access. Click on ‘Save’ to save the changes.