Over the years, we’ve always been impressed with the efforts teachers make to get their students excited to learn and read. One tactic we’ve loved? We’ve heard from several teachers who print the covers of books their students have read, as well as their book reviews, and hang them in the class.

There are several benefits to this idea:

  • Help promote a reading culture by celebrating great books
  • Recognize students’ reading progress and accomplishments
  • Introduce new reading options to students

Such a simple idea, but for busy teachers, it can be time-consuming to execute. One of our long-time users, Matthew deMarais, recently asked us if we could help with the process by creating printable book certificates to celebrate a student’s completion of a book.

We’re excited to say that we’ve obliged. Today, we introduce printable book certificates in Reading Rewards! Here’s a sample:

Here is what the certificate includes:

  • The student’s name
  • The finished date
  • A picture of the book cover
  • The book title and author
  • The student review
  • The student’s star rating

Both teachers and students can print out a student’s book certificate. Find instructions for teachers here and instructions for children here.

We’d love to hear how you’re enjoying the new certificates. Please leave a comment below!

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