Kids love Valentine’s Day! And what could be more fun than offering cute little gifts to all of your friends?

Unfortunately, what’s fun for your children can translate into climbing costs for you…. especially if they plan to offer a cute little something to each of their classmates.

Take heart, parents and teachers! We have an idea for your little cupids that won’t break the bank. It’s also a really nice addition to any book you want to offer in celebration of International Book Giving Day!

How to make bookmarks

You can make these cute little ribbon bookmarks with just a few easily found craft supplies. (In fact, you may already have them on hand!)

Here is what you will need for each bookmark:


  • 1 large (2″) paper clip, in pink or red
  • 3-5 thin strands of ribbon in assorted Valentine’s day colors and designs, 10″ in length
    (we found ours at the dollar store!)
  • 1 small pompom (1/2″ in diamater) (we opted for glittery ones like these)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A hot glue gun
  1.  Double-knot each ribbon, at its midpoint, to the TOP of the paperclip.
    (I.e. make sure the paperclick is oriented the way it appears in the picture below. )
  2. Apply a dot of glue to each ribbon, near the knot and between the two ribbon halves, then press to flatten and smooth.
  3. Apply a small dot of glue to the top of the paper clip to firmly secure the ribbons.
    (You will need to temporarily push aside the knotted ribbons to reveal the top of the paperclip.)
  4. Glue the glittery pom pom to the knotted end of the ribbons. Press to secure.
  5. Trim the ribbons to even the ends.


And voilà! A heartfelt statement that will bring a smile to all of your valentines.

And if you’ve discovered this post after Valentine’s day, no problem! This is a craft that doesn’t discriminate. You can celebrate every day with a different ribbon bookmark.


If you loved this project and want to have fun with some other reading-related craft projects, try our Falling Star Magnetic Bookmarks. We’re also dying to know if you made your own Ribbon Bookmarks for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion. Please share by leaving us a comment below!