While many use Reading-Rewards.com as a great alternative to paper reading logs, few people realize that we have a cool ‘Printables’ section where kids and teachers can print off reading progress using a number of different reading log templates and reports.

Today we added a comprehensive Classroom Reading Summary Report, which provides a reading group administrator detailed stats that include the following:

  • Total reading minutes per student
  • Total number of books finished per student
  • Reading minutes (graph form)
  • Percent target reached (if you have set a daily or weekly reading target for your students, this pie chart will show you which percentage of your students reached the target, on average, in the period.
  • A detailed list of books read, along with student reviews, grouped by student name

The report will look something like this:

This is our most comprehensive report yet, and we really hope you like it!

How to print off your classroom reading summary report:

  1. Log in to your Reading-Rewards.com account
  2. Click on ‘Printables’
  3. Select the group you want the report for
  4. Select the date range you are interested in
  5. Click on the ‘Print’ button in the ‘Group Summary’ sectionClassroom Reading Log Summary
  6. Your report will begin to download immediately!

While you’re on the Printables tab, be sure to browse around a take a look at the different reading log templates and reports we have available:

Be sure to let your kids know about the Printables section, they’ll be sure to want to print off their progress occasionally! And if you have any special requests, please do let us know by using the Contact Us form on our website!

Reading-Rewards.com is an online reading incentive/reading log website that can be found at www.reading-rewards.com. Kids log their reading time, and are invited to review their books once they’ve finished them. Once their reading entries get validated by a parent (optional), their minutes get converted to points (RR Miles) they can use to redeem for rewards that their parents or teachers set up for them. A full set of features allow teachers to set up groups for their classes and track individual and group reading. A great alternative to paper reading logs!