If there’s something we know from all the teachers in our lives, it’s that you work hard. Very hard. There’s so much you want to do with and for your students, but there’s never enough time.

We get it. In fact, Reading Rewards was designed for teachers just like you, who are committed to getting kids reading, but who need an easier alternative to back-breaking paper reading logs.

Features Galore

Over the years, we’ve enhanced the program with new features conceived to help you build excitement around reading. You can comment on students’ reviews, design custom badges, issue reading challenges, stimulate discussion on the blog, and so much more. We’ve even introduced a new Teacher Dashboard that lets you dig deep into your students’ reading activity.

The one challenge with all these great new features we’ve introduced? It takes a little time for your to explore them all. And we know: that’s time you don’t always have. Sometimes, you may not even have the time to log into Reading Rewards to see what your students are reading.

So how can we help you, even during those very busy times? Well, we’ve been working on cracking that nut for a while, and we think we’ve come up with something good.

Introducing Weekly Stats

Starting next week, users with Premium and School accounts will receive a new email in their inboxes, once a week. I know, I know: who need more email, right?

The thing is—this is no ordinary email. At a glance, you’ll see:

  • A summary of your students’ reading activity
  • Which students haven’t logged any reading all week
  • Who’s read more this week than last
  • Which students logged reading every day
  • Who’s completed a book, and which book
  • Which students have written a review
  • Who’s posted to the blog
  • Which students have redeemed a reward

In just five minutes, you’ll be all caught up on what your students have been up to all week! Think of your weekly stats as a friendly reminder to touch base with less enthusiastic readers, to celebrate reading progress, and to promote a reading culture in your class… Without dedicating hours to first gathering the facts! Who would have thought an email could make such a difference, right?

And…. Action!

There’s more to your Weekly Stats email than just showing you your students’ activity. We’ll also recommend actions you can take in each case so that, little by little, you’ll experience everything that Reading Rewards has to offer.

For example, if a student hasn’t read all week, you might get a button that leads you to recommended book lists. (We all know how recommending the right book can change a child’s relationship with reading, don’t we?)

And if a student has written a review, not only will you hear about it, but in a couple of clicks you’ll be able to read that review and leave your student a quick comment in response.

Make it Your Own

We want to make sure that your Weekly Stats email suits your weekly rhythm, so we’ve given you some options. Choose to receive your weekly stats on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Whichever day you choose, the report will reflect the activity that occurred during the seven preceding days.

So whether you’re curling up on a Sunday with your iPad and a cup of Joe to plan your week, or getting a running start first thing on a Monday morning, build your Weekly Stats into your routine.

We’re hoping this new feature will make it quicker and easier for you to stay on top of your students’ progress, and to promote a reading culture in your class.

Over To You

We’d love to know what you think of the Weekly Stats, and if there’s anything else you’d like them to include. When you receive yours, just hit Reply and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you. You can also leave us a comment below.

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