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Star Teacher: Lisa Stringfellow

August 26th, 2014|

This Star Teacher segment profiles Lisa Stringfellow, from Louisville, Kentucky. Find out how Lisa has been so successful at encouraging her students to read.

Author Spotlight: An Interview with Dav Pilkey

August 12th, 2014|

We know our Reading Rewards members are huge fans of Dav Pilkey and his Captain Underpants series, so we asked Mr. Kinney if he would be willing to answer a few of our questions. Lucky for us, he was gracious enough to oblige!

Back to School Checklist For Reading Rewards

August 2nd, 2014|

My middle guy came to me today with a look of horror on his face. Concerned, I asked him what was wrong. He responded, with a look I could only describe as devastated: “I just saw a back to school commercial. Didn’t summer just begin??”

Although it does feel as […]

Link to Reading Rewards

August 7th, 2014|

Help your site's visitors find out about Reading Rewards and guide them directly to the site's home page, login page or signup page.

Spring Makeover at Reading Rewards!

May 16th, 2014|

It has been a dreary, horribly cold and ever-so-long winter. Carole and I have been eagerly looking forward to spring and all it has to offer.

What better way to welcome the new season than with a bit of a makeover! You may have noticed a change here on our blog […]

Video Overview from Reader’s perspective

May 11th, 2014|

View this short video to get a glimpse of Reading Rewards from a reader’s perspective.


The World's Easiest DIY Bookmarks

April 4th, 2014|

I LOVE craft projects. I have a whole closet dedicated to meticulously labelled craft supplies, which I have been lovingly collecting since I was pregnant with my first child, and dreaming about spending long, leisurely afternoons with her, assembling original creations, as we chat.

Sometimes, though, all those craft supplies […]

Origami Monster Bookmarks

March 7th, 2014|

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of folding paper to make shapes of all kinds. In this fun craft project, we use some of those techniques to make gruesome monster bookmarks that seem to gobble up the corner of your page.

Kids Weigh In! 8 Ways that Reading Rewards Them

February 21st, 2014|

What makes an avid reader? We've uncovered the 8 major reasons why bookworms love to read.

11 Creative Reading Incentive Ideas for your Classroom

February 15th, 2014|

Although Reading Rewards lets you set up fun little incentives to motivate kids to read, we like to say, and firmly believe, that the true reward is in the reading.

Teachers in the Reading Rewards community seem to agree: According to our database, 60% of our teachers take full advantage […]